Sunday, 30 September 2007

Asian Celebrities

Ever since, I have admired a lot of celebrities. Considering myself as a genuine citizen of the Philippines, I do idolise a lot of Philippine Celebrities. After all, their quality is indeed world-class. And of course, Filipinos are naturally great in any field of work, especially in acting, singing, and dancing. I am proud that I am from the Philippines.

Speaking of the celebrities overseas, I do admire some of them especially from China (中國), Taiwan (台灣), and most especially, Japan (日本) and South Korea (한국/韓國). I wonder if the people of North Korea (조선/朝鮮) will become famous someday in terms of acting, singing, and dancing. And like Philippine Celebrities, they are now very famous in celebrity field. And their fame as of now is now at its height. No wonder, I can't help myself but to idolise them as well. Perhaps, my Ural-Altaic and Sino-Tibetan instinct drive me to embrace them in my mind and heart. I'm happy to know that I am impressed with their skills in celebrity field.

Through heaven's help, I hope that I'll have a chance to meet them and to have time to make bonding with all of the celebrities that I admire. Who knows? As the saying goes: NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WHEN YOU MAKE WISH AND HAVE FAITH TO GOD!

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