Monday, 1 October 2007

Night Dream... Beautiful Moment at the Marikina Riverbank...

Of course, most people in their lives encounter night dreams. And when you talk about a sweet night dream, you may want to live in there forever, especially if you have lots of problems in reality. And I must say, my dream last night is one of my sweetest dreams ever!

When I was already in the realms of my dream world, everything seems like real. My dream was perfectly in technicolour. But I was aware that I was only inside my dream world. I was at the Marikina Riverbank that time. Guess, I was wearing hanbok (한복) and it was pretty cool! But the Filipino and European people, in my dream, were wearing traditional Filipino and Spanish clothes as if I was at the time of Spanish Era. Camisa Chino... Balintawak... Baro't saya... and even Barong Tagalog... When I saw the river itself, it was crystal clear (contrary to the present appearance of the river which is very dark in colour). And there are lots of beautiful trees. And some of them are cherry blossoms (サクラ)! I was thinking if there are sakuras in the Philippines. But I was silly enough to realise that I was just only in my dreams! And it was beautiful to see falling leaves from the trees, especially from the cherry blossom trees. And it was quite chilly (quite the same last night due to strong rainshower) that time. Afternoon in setting. And I could hear people singing elsewhere.

As I was walking along the grassfields, I saw a vacant picnic area under the sakura tree. As I was sitting down to relax, I was feeling the fragrant essence of cherry. Until there were these six people in kimono (着物) dress. And they looked familiar to me. Guess what? They were Yoshida Tomokazu (吉田 友一), Kinoshita Ayumi (木下 あゆ美), Takahashi Mitsuomi (高橋 光臣), Takeuchi Mio (竹内 実生), Kaneko Noboru (金子 昇), and Nakama Yukie (仲間 由紀恵)! And what's more surprising is that they were speaking in Tagalog, in distinct Manila accent, using their unique voices!

Then Takahashi asked me: "may nakaupo pa bang iba rito (is there other else supposed to sit in here?)?" And I responded that none other else is ought to sit. Even though I know that I was just only dreaming, I was almost speechless. But despite of my mixed emotions, I was still happy for having a chance to meet them, even in dreams. While they were preparing their snacks, Yoshida asked for my name and where I used to live. Of course, I responded back to him courteously. And all of them were smiling at me while Yoshida with Kinoshita and Takahashi are making an interview with me. I cannot anymore remember what were those questions that Yoshida, Takahashi and Kinoshita asked me. All I could remember is that I was enjoying myself in my dreams chatting with them.

Until I saw another six people walking towards our place. But this time, they were wearing beautiful hanbok dresses. And they are also famous Korean artists! I was a bit suprised when Takeuchi was calling them. And like Yoshida and others, the Korean stars were also speaking in Tagalog! And they were Lee Dong Wook (이동욱), Lee Da Hae (이다해), Choi Dong Wook (최동욱/Se7en), Kim Tae Hee (김태희), Joo Ji Hoon (주지훈), and Yoon Eun Hye (윤은혜)! Guess Joo Ji Hoon and Yoon Eun Hye were wearing royal hanbok, as if they were in Goong (Princess Hours)!

While the Korean stars are about to sit with us, Yoshida and Takahashi introduced me to the Koreans. And they were warm in acquainting themselves with me. Like my "New Japanese Friends"(新しい日本友人), my "New Korean Friends" (새로운 조선한국 친구) have their snacks with them. And they shared to me some of their delectable and mouth-watering snacks. Despite the dream fact, I could actually taste the distinct flavours of their snacks that they shared to me. ramen (ラーメン)... tempura (てんぷら)... yakiniku (焼き肉)... kimchi (김치)... galbi (갈비)... it was a great snack!

While I was having good time with my "new friends", I asked them if they could speak in Japanese (日本語/にほんご) and Korean (한국어/韓国語/조선말/朝鮮語) . They said that they can, but they are supposed to speak in Tagalog since they are here in the Philippines. Joo Ji Hoon and Kinoshita told me that their stay in the Philippines (Pilipinas) is great and the people here are very warm and hospitable. And in my inner side, I was flattered. Considering the fact that I am Philippine Citizen, I am proud that I bear the qualities of a real Filipino!

After our delightful snack, I was hearing someone familiar. And I followed to where that voice was coming from. And at the newly installed stage, I saw a beautiful lady singing in front of many people. And she was Thalía! She was wearing elegant dress for flamenco dance, with matching flower beside her ear! And she was singing Piel Morena! As Thalía is singing, I followed her singing too. And my friends were amazed at me. After the song, they told me that my Spanish (Español) was good! I told them that I speak Spanish but not that much. Kim Tae Hee and Lee Da Hae smiled at me, and Kim said that I am amazing despite the fact that it was only our first time to meet each other. Then Thalía sang another song entitled "Nandito Ako". I don't know why I was crying when Thalía was singing that song. And my friends also noticed the tears on my eyes. But they did not ask me why.

Until the sunset was over, I was already bidding at them goodbye. I also thanked them for the time. And Kaneko shouted out that I should be again at the riverbank in some other time. As I was walking away from them, I could feel the great happiness and immense strength.

VOILA! My mobile phone rang loud! When I woke up from my bed this morning, I noticed at the mirror that I was smiling! Perhaps, I should thank the one who made me felt a wonderful dream. ¿Quién sabe? It might soon come to reality... So will it be...