Tuesday, 7 July 2009

KOREA... Towards Peaceful Reunification


The picture above is the unofficial flag of the Unified Korea. It simply shows the simple geographic image of a once-united Korea. At least the both sides of the two Koreas have plans in their peaceful reunification. After all, they hold the identity of "Korean" whether they are "Joseon-saram" or "Hanguk-saram" in their cultural language.

I am a pure Filipino of Kapampangan, Tagalog, and Visayan origin. Nevertheless, I am very passionate of Japanese and Korean cultures. After all, I'm 100% Asian like Japanese and Koreans. But of course, I am going to talk about Korea. I know that I don't have the right to talk about the culture of other country because of my identity as a citizen of the Philippines, but I only would like to express my deepest concern for the two Koreas. Not only I got hooked with Korean music and Korean language (either "Joseon-mal" or "Hangugeo") but also with their socio-economic and political status.

The picture above this paragraph is the Baekdu Mountain, the sacred mountain of the whole Korea. And I'm sure that the spirits residing in this heaven lake would once again rejoice if the two Koreas will be peacefully reunited.

Most of us know about the big differences of socio-economic and political situation between North Korea and South Korea. South Korea has a boosting economy and has much financial reserves in the World Bank. It has also made good political relations in other countries, including the Philippines. And even the modern Korean music and dramas has also hooked many people of different countries.

Speaking of North Korea, it is so sad to say they live in utter isolation and great oddity. They have almost closed their doors from the outside world, with the exception of China, the undercover aider of the North. Compared to the South, the government of the North has a lot of restrictions, including very few rights for their people within their jurisdiction. I also feel sorry for the North Koreans for they don't have the freedom to express themselves compared to the South Koreans who have much democratic freedom.

At least, the North and the South still hold the Korean heritage, culture, and language (though "Hangugeo" and "Joseon-mal" have only slight dialectal differences due to their past separation). Now I could remember Sandara Park singing "Arirang" (I wonder if she could still remember me). So much of my sincere hope for their near reunification. Now that North Korea has the Arch of Reunification located in Pyongyang.

Well, all the I can do for now is to pray for the future peaceful reunification of Korea. May our Blessed Mother and our Lord Jesus Christ grant them hope, love, and unity.

Saint Andrew Kim, pray for the whole Korea.
Holy saints and martyrs of Korea, pray for the whole Korea.

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