Wednesday, 30 July 2008

More Than 1000 Words


Another sort of existing importance for someone...

But happiness and contentment has truly enveloped me...

Despite the fact that it was an intoxicating time for me lately, I still have managed to make myself happy...

But now, tears from my eyes are now falling down...

But guess what? These tears conceal my happy yet sad moments...

But I am still grateful that I became happy once more...

Hoping that I might be able to catch some time to indulge myself into joyfulness...

Friday, 25 July 2008

Marvin Raymundo

REAL NAME: Marvin Wijangco
BIRTHPLACE: City of San Fernando, Pampanga
LANGUAGES: Kapampangan, Tagalog, English

OK, this serious-looking guy is also my kabalen. But guess what? His prominent image proves that he really belongs to the gorgeous Kapampangan race... e wari? So is our gorgeous race. Truly undisputable. And who knows? We Kapampangans will soon dominate the Philippine society along with Tagalogs! Wahahaha!

And how is the MANHUNT INTERNATIONAL 2008? Mr. Personality, eh? And take a very close look at his last name... WEE HAN KO! It also proves that some Kapampangans have had long history with the early Chinese traders especially during the existence of Song Empire.

OK lang ba na gamitin ko yung mga photos mo dito sa blog ko? Tutal, idol dakaman! E ka sana memwa kanaku, huhuhu! Peace po tayo, neh? :D


Monday, 21 July 2008

4 Malls In One Day!

It was my first time to be there. It is somewhat that the ambience of the mall is good. It's quite spacious indeed. But I never had much time to tour myself in that mall. After all, I will have another chance to make myself present in that mall.

From Bulacan, I arrived in Pampanga at around 3:00 PM. Guess, it was my second time to be in that mall. Compare to SM Marilao, SM Pampanga is more spacious and it has more stores and food chains than in SM Marilao. Since I am of Kapampangan ancestry, I was talking to myself in KAPAMPANGAN LANGUAGE when I got there. But still, there are significant Tagalog speakers in that mall. After all, Tagalog speakers are everywhere. As to confess, I am not a good speaker of Kapampangan, though I can somehow express myself in our beautiful language.
Speaking of my stay in SM Pampanga, I felt somewhat at ease. After all, being there in my province is worth it.

Just across the street from SM Pampanga, there lies another mall. But I did not stay there for long. Although there are some good stalls there, I may say that they are not that good. But guess what? I got BLACK DEVIL ROSE FLAVOUR! I'm sure my nicotine consumption will crazily rise up! DAMN!

After more than an hour of ride, I was back in my hometown. Inside the mall, I just took some conditioned air and to relax myself as well. I was not there for long - just about some 30 minutes.

Dapat nga sana, makikipag-inuman pa ako sa dalawa kong kasama na kakalabas lang nila mula sa eskwela. Pero pagod na rin ako.

Isa lang ang masasabi ko... I AM FREE!

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Proud to be ASIAN! Proud to be FILIPINO! Proud to be KAPAMPANGAN!

Proud to be ASIAN!

Well, I find myself happy whenever I cheer for the artists and celebrities from the Philippines (of course), Japan, and Korea. Of course, I have to include Taiwan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, and Indonesia.

Proud to be FILIPINO!
Kund hindi dahil sa aking sinilangang lupa na siyang kumupkop at umaruga sa akin, hindi ako buo ngayon. Wari mang maraming suliranin ang kinakaharap ng Pilipinas, ipinapanalangin ko na malutasan na ang lahat ng suliranin na siyang sumisira sa mukha ng aming bansa, ang Perlas ng Silangan!

Proud to be KAPAMPANGAN!
Kanita, e nakuman biyasa neng Kapampangan. Kapilan ku mu mebiyasa nita. Siyempre, Kapampangan ku angkan, agyang Tagalog la reng kapatad ku king Bulacan. Ing ima, makisabi ya kanaku king Kapampangan patse atin yang sabyan kanakung importanti o kumpidensyal. Agyang makananu, biyasa ku Kapampangan. Pero masanting ya ing kekaming amanu neh?

By the way, I would like to congratulate Wu Chun (吴尊/吳尊) and Calvin Chen (辰亦儒)for the success of their promotional tour here in the Philippines. Guess, I saw you guys on Entertainment Live, Pinoy Dream Academy, ASAP '08, and The Buzz (on ABS-CBN). I hope that you'll return back here for a real concert!

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Se7en - 문신

이제는 혼자가 제법 익숙해졌어
널 생각해도 웃을 수 있어 다른 사람도 만나보고 싶어
하지만 아직 아냐 자신이 없어

널 밀어냈던 널 비워냈던
힘든 시간을 헤메이다 지쳐
그 오랜 시간이 누구를 위한 건지
왜 떠나야 했을 까 다시 가슴이 메어와

넌 마치 문신처럼 내 안에 분신처럼
지우려고 애를 써도
지울 수 없는걸 잘 알고 있는 걸
이제는 너를 미워하는 맘 보다
다른 사람 곁에서 너를 못 잊고
살아갈까봐 그게 더 두려워

언젠가 한번은 마주칠 수 있겠지
그땐 웃으며 말하고 싶어
잘 지내냐고 나는 바빴다고

하지만 마음뿐야 자신이 없어
니가 미워서 목이 메어서
나도 모르게 눈물 을 보이면

넌 웃어 주겠니 누구를 위한건지
왜 떠나야 했을 까 다시 가슴이 메여와

넌 마치 문신처럼 내 안에 분신처럼
지우려고 애를 써도
지울 수 없는걸 잘 알고 있는 걸
이제는 너를 미워하는 맘 보다
다른 사람 곁에서 너를 못 잊고
살아갈까봐 그게 더 두려워

나보다 더 행복해 줄 래
널 더 미워할 수 있게
나를 정말 사랑했다면
너역시 가끔씩 지난 내 생각에 한숨 쉬어도 괜찮아

세월이 흘러 가도 눈물을 흘려 봐도
이제 와서 후회해도
소용이 없는 걸 이미 늦었는 걸
이제는 너를 사랑하는 맘 보다
너의 사람 곁에서 나를 못잊고
살아갈까봐 그게 더 두려워 나도 모르게 그게 더 두려워

Saturday, 5 July 2008

My mission... was it truly accomplished?

I don't know if I should be happy in what I did lately...

A letter that I gave...

And I wrote that letter many weeks ago...

But I can feel that I'm not happy and contented...

For years that I've been accomplishing a lot of missions and tasks...

The mission that I made...

I must say...


Thursday, 3 July 2008



My ever mother...

For almost 21 years of taking care of me...

Thanks for everything...

Sorry sa pagiging super pasaway at suwail...

I know that I'm always wrong...

But I love you very much!

Salamat sa lahat... sorry kung dito ko lang ipinababatid ang mga saloobin ko...

Marakal a salamat keka! Kaluguran daka!