Saturday, 31 December 2011

2011's Last Day


As we are nearing to the year 2012, I'm so happy that this year is somewhat challenging yet fruitful to me... just some sort of addition to my mundane experience.

Tadah! It's me with Aldrin, my dear brother! I must say, I cannot help myself but to be more attached to my brother. I have sworn to myself that I will help him finish his studies and get a good job. :)

Well, that's it for now. I would like to thank God for my continuing existence in this world. And I also would like to thankn the Year 2011 for countless experiences. It was such a roller-coaster feeling! Thank you!


Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

Good evening folks!

Twas the evening before Christmas! That's it.

It has been exactly 7 years since, you know... some of you may know what I'm referring myself...


Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Halaga ng Buhay

Masasabi kong mapalad akong ipinanganak sa mundong ito nang walang ano mang diperensya sa aking pangangatawan. At lalong mapalad ako dahil hindi kailan man sumagi sa isip ng mama ko na ipalaglag ako dahil alam niya kung gaano kahalaga ang isang buhay.

This is roughly a 2-month old foetus which was mercilessly aborted. I, myself, value life and strongly oppose abortion. We humans are pro-creators of God who has given life to every living being in this universe. And no human has the right to take life by any means, except in very few instances wherein there is no choice but to take it without the intention of aborting life, such as therapeutic abortion, which is approved to be practiced by the Roman Catholic Church.

I could still remember the motto in my Human Ethics Subject in my University: NOT ALL LEGAL ARE MORAL -- NOT ALL MORAL ARE LEGAL.

Here we go again... MORAL vs ETHICAL!

Article II of the 1987 Philippine Constitution says, in part, "Section 12. The State recognizes the sanctity of family life and shall protect and strengthen the family as a basic autonomous social institution. It shall equally protect the life of the mother and the life of the unborn from conception."

Good thing I was born in a country where abortion is strictly forbidden. Nevertheless, there are some people in this country who discreetly perform abortion which could be very risky for the pregnant ones; mga walang pakundangan baga.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Encounter With A Ranger on Twitter

Good morning folks!

Let's just say, I met the person who has still great significance in me. But that ain't matter now! This made me very happy to the point that I want to improve my knowledge in Japanese!

Oh yeah, DEKAGREEN retweeted on my tweet! For those who doesn't know him yet he is YOUSUKE ITOU (伊藤 陽佑, 이등양우 / 이토 요스케). He hails from the city of Sapporo (札幌市, 찰황시 / 삽뽀로시, 삿포로시) in the island of Hokkaido (北海道, 북해도 / 혹가이도, 홋카이도). And voila, I have never expected that a Japanese actor like him would retweet me! 優しいね!

It dates back when I last checked Tomokazu Yoshida's blog, and I saw his pictures with his other fellow Dekarangers, including DekaGreen. I really didn't know what strucked into my mind, but I searched for DekaGreen's blog. And when I got onto his blog, I saw his link on Twitter... which meant that I might have a chance to interact with him! And voila, he retweeted on my mention to him!

And awhile ago, I tweeted him that I really can't speak Japanese (though I managed to tweet in Kana and Kanji characters, since I have a little idea about Kanji). And guess what? He retweeted me in English! I should have made more effort in gaining more knowledge in Japanese so that I would have not bothered him to tweet in English. But it's alright, because it's an accomplishment that I made an interaction with a Japanese actor like Yousuke Itou!

Hmm, I wonder if some rangers have Twitter accounts too. I want to interact with them as well through Twitter. And how I wish, my Korean idols would respond to my tweets... ᄏᄏᄏᄏ

Thursday, 24 November 2011


Good morning folks! Just wanna share what I saw from Tomokazu Yoshida's blog... indeed, Dekaranger is one of my favourite Super Sentai Series!

Happy Birthday SPD! It's been a while!

Tadah! DekaRed is in the house with DekaGreen and DekaBreak!

And there's Doggie on top of the cake!

S.P.D.。スペシャル ポリス デカレンジャー。燃えるハートでクールに戦う五人の刑事たち。彼らの任務は地球に侵入した宇宙の犯罪たちと戦い、人々の平和と安全を守ることである!


CREDITS: Tomokazu Yoshida's Blog

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

South Korea invited to help in Military Buildup

PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino III on Monday sought South Korea’s help in buying helicopters, boats, aircraft and other equipment for the Armed Forces.

Mr. Aquino said the Philippines was interested in buying new military equipment during his meeting with visiting South Korean President Lee Myung-bak at the Palace.

“This is in consonance with the upgrading and modernization of the Armed Forces of the Philippines,” the President said.

He said he and Lee also “updated each other on the developments in the Korean Peninsula and the West Philippine Sea [South China Sea].”

The President had earlier ordered P10 billion released for the Armed Forces’ modernization program.

The Army’s shopping list includes 14 armored personnel carrier, 272 20-man pack radios, and 3,480 force protection equipment worth P1.4 billion.

The Navy wants to buy a strategic sea-lift vessel costing P2 billion. The Air Force wants to acquire a special-mission aircraft and two light lift aircraft worth P1.6 billion.

The P10 billion will also be used to buy vehicles for civil military operations, health services and disaster response.

The Army is also buying 32 five-ton dump trucks and 55 special-purpose vehicles. The Air Force will purchase two search-and-rescue vehicles, 30 special purpose vehicles, and 15 amphibian vehicles.

The military is also buying 1,376 hand-held radios, 150 60-mm mortars, 78 units of audio-video equipment, 160 portable radio receivers, 100 sniper rifle systems, and 2,000 standard weapons systems.

The Navy is preparing for the turnover from contractors of the first Philippine-made landing craft, according to Navy spokesman Lt. Col. Omar Tonsay.

The Navy has yet to name the 51.43-meter ship, which is configured to transport combat personnel, tanks, vehicles, artillery and equipment in support of amphibious operations.

Mr. Aquino and Lee witnessed the signing of economic cooperation agreements that will give the Philippines wider access to aid and low-interest loans of up to $500 million.

The other agreements involve two joint projects to build a coal-fired power plant in Subic and a $300-million multi-purpose dam in Iloilo.

Lee invited Mr. Aquino to visit South Korea in March next year for the Nuclear Security Summit.


Monday, 21 November 2011

MOMMY and DADDIES (pero mga ate at kuya talaga)

Here's 보아엄마 (but I shall call her 보아언니 in case we meet in future!). Like me she was born on November and both under Scorpio. No doubt, she's the real Queen of K-Pop due to her beauty, charm, and talents.

And here are 보아엄마 & 시원아빠 (but I really meant to call them 언니 and 오빠 due to my strong emotional attachment to them!)

With the picture above, here's mommy BoA with Daddy Yunho. Now let me tell you this, I'm not a Cassie by heart, but I'm kind of interested with some of the TVXQ's songs including one of their recent single "WHY (Keep Your Head Down)" in both Japanese and Korean versions. And speaking of Yunho, I like hearing him speaking in Jeolla accent. It's because whenever I hear Koreans speaking, majority of them speak in Seoul accent, the basis for the Korean language in South Korea.

And here's Daddy Siwon, let me tell some things that made me fascinated about him.

Because I'm an ELF by heart, Siwon, for me, is one of my driving forces to sing at our church every Sundays (though my voice is so terrible). Moreover, Siwon's undoubted religiosity made me more inspired to occasionally post some bible verses on Twitter. He may be Protestant and I may be Catholic, but that doesn't mean the my viewpoint on him may totally be hindered. In fact, I like people who take time to post inspirational bible verses on Twitter or elsewhere on the web.

And here's Daddy Siwon with Daddy Yunho from the TV Series "Poseidon".

And here's another Scorpio folk like me and mommy BoA... Daddy Dongwook! I wonder if he'd be an attorney someday... hmm...

Tadah! Another Scorpio folk, Daddy Vennie, bearing the alias SE7EN! Coz I know we'd better together!

At dahil kasama niya si Krung-Krung, magta-tagalog na ako! And speaking, Scorpio rin si Sandy! Bale dalawang araw lang ang pagitan ng birthday nila ni SE7EN. Matagal na nga rin pala noong huli kaming nagkita ni Krunggie dito sa Pilipinas. At naalala ko pang nag-Japanese ako sa kanya noong nandoon kami sa dressing room nila at wala pa siyang alam sa Hapones. Samanatalang ngayon, daig pa niya ako! Sila na nga!

Oh well, that's it for now. I wanna see you guys in person. At kay Sandara, bumalik ka na rito teh! Nasarapan ka na diyan sa Korea ah! Ayos lang yun, pero huwag mo sanang kalimutan ang Tagalog ha! :)

Friday, 18 November 2011

Bothered by TEYR's Entries

Here's Kai Samezu (鮫津 海) from Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger (百獣戦隊ガオレンジャー), one of my favourite Super Sentai Series (though it wasn't aired here in the Philippines due to airing of Power Rangers Wild Force, its North American counterpart). But I'm not going to talk about Kai!

I was really bothered by Teyr's entry about his doppelgänger experience. I don't really know why. Now let me share you something about Teyr. He was my schoolmate during my High School period. Although we never became close friends due to our year level differences, we have known each other by our names because he's the son of my Social Studies Professor while I am known by his batchmates, especially by some of his best buddies whom are well acquainted with me. I could say that I somewhat envy him because he can do sports hard while studying harder. Before, I used to see him doing his assignments either at the library or at the quadrangle every breaks or while waiting for his mom after class dismissal.

I have heard some news from my friends about doppelgänger incidents. One example is a Filipina-Japanese student of a well-known university in CAMANAVA area, whose other being was seen by her classmates and schoolmate walking at the stage while the stage play was going on but it wasn't her role yet since she was fixing herself with her significant other inside a dressing room.

I don't know if I have to reveal this matter through here, but I believe that I have seen Teyr's other being at the MRT few days ago! It was like 6:30 PM and I'm bound to my workplace. We were both standing and he was like a couple of inches away from me. I was about to call him but he stared at me like he's on rage! And what's more astonishing? I was alighting from MRT when his "other being" suddenly vanished like a bubble! I don't want to assume that it was his "doppelgänger" but it was really weird!

All I can do is to pray for all those who were victimised by their doppelgängers. I bet, it's only a matter of strong faith to our ever Omnipotent Creator.

Thursday, 17 November 2011



At first, I thought it was a little weird.

A week ago, I posted the Doppelganger incident which I found very weird.

I also posted of what doppelganger can bring, I have included that it can bring sickness or even death.

Last Wednesday, exactly a week after my classmate saw my so called "evil twin" at an LRT Station, I got sick.

Now that's weirder, isn't it? Hahaha.

It started with a headache last Wednesday night, I slept through it thinking that when I wake up the next day, I would feel superb again.

But the next day, oh great! I feel.... AWFUL! the hell! I had a fever thursday, whole day. I was supposed to go to school but I really feel bad. Then suddenly, i recalled that we'll have a long quiz on one my subjects. Then, I also remembered that it is our college week celebration. So, I wasn't really sure if we'll have class or what.

What a great timing! I'm sick then I don't even know if i should check out my class or not.
I decided to go to school. Took a bath, wear my school uniform. then, took off. I arrived at my class 15 minutes late, I was really worried because I'm late. As I entered the room,

Yeah Great! my classmates were there. The prof? WALA!

I waited until 12 noon, then I decided to go home! (sayang Effort! Na-stressed pa ko!)

Ayun, pagdating ko sa bahay! Bagsak ang katawan, kain ng lunch then tulog.I slept for almost the whole day! Pagkagising ko gabi na! Ayun, ang bigat ng katawan ko.

Was it a coincidence? or was it the doppelganger's fault? I dont know. All I know is that I'm part of the blame. (or should I take all the blamehehehe). Kasi nung Wednesday, before sumakit yung ulo ko, I had my p.E class which is the Hellball este Volleyball pala. Ayun, nakalimutan ko pala magbaon ng Pamalit na T-shirt kaya umuwi ako na yung pawis na pawis na P.E shirt ang suot ko. Then kinagabihan, ayun sumakit na ulo ko.

Buti nalang talaga na nataon na wala masyadong klase nung nagkasakit ako. And THANK GOD I feel like I'm stronger than IRONMAN again! =)


-TEYR (not his real name)


Alright, here's my only comment about my schoolmate's entry: Can a doppelgänger be killed?

Wednesday, 16 November 2011



This happened last Wednesday(January 14) but my classmate and seatmate, Mitch, told me the whole story the next day, Thursday (January 15).

hmm.. To start things up. What is a Doppelganger?

At dahil tinatamad ako mag-define, buti nalang andito si ever-reliable search engine. hehehe

According to wikipedia:
Doppelgänger or "Fetch", is the ghostly double of a living person, a sinister form of bilocation.
The word "doppelgänger" is a German loanword. It derives from Doppel (double) and Gänger (goer),[1] although the German part word -gänger only occurs in compound nouns. As is true for all other common nouns in German, the word is written with an initial capital letter.

In English, the word is conventionally uncapitalized (doppelgänger). It is also common to drop the diacritic umlaut, writing "doppelganger." The correct alternative German spelling is "Doppelgaenger."

In the vernacular, "Doppelgänger" has come to refer (as in German) to any double or look-alike of a person. The word is also used to describe the sensation of having glimpsed oneself in peripheral vision, in a position where there is no chance that it could have been a reflection. They are generally regarded as harbingers of bad luck. In some traditions, a doppelgänger seen by a person's friends or relatives portends illness or danger, while seeing one's own doppelgänger is an omen of death. In Norse mythology, a vardøger is a ghostly double who precedes a living person and is seen performing their actions in advance.

Well, here's Mitch experience:

It was a Wednesday. She took the LRT on her way home. She's on the side of the station going to Baclaran, then she claim that she saw me on the other side of the station. She said that I'm wearing my school uniform, with my usual get-up as well as my body bag. The ???? ??????? (I'M SORRY BUT I HAD TO CUT HIS NAME TO RESPECT HIS PRIVACY) whom she saw rode the train going Monumento.

The next day, she told me then that she saw me. I answered back, " o talaga? san mo nakita sa underpass, sa may parian, o sa lawton? di kita nakita"

She answered back, "sa may LRT."
I got confused and said, "hmm, sigurado ka bang ako yun? hindi ako nag-lrt kahapon(wednesday) eh. Nung tuesday oo, pero hindi kahapon."

But she said she's sure, really super sure!

I even claimed that if I rode the LRT yesterday, I should've wearing my P.E uniform since it was my last class and I usually go home wearing my p.e uniform.

I recalled that I had thesame experience way back from my elementary days.
Classrooms were not airconditioned during those years. Doors are just kept open for ventilation besides the electric fan and ceiling fan. I was the super shy-type of student way back then that I seldom talk to teachers even if I needed something. Then one of my teachers while seating on the teacher's chair shouted, "Tawagin nyo nga si ???? ???? (OOPS GOTTA CUT IT AGAIN), bakit lumabas yun ng hindi nagpapaalam?" I heard her voice while seating on my chair. My classmates then told my teacher that I was sitting on my chair the whole period and never stood up. And silence just echoed all over the classroom. I can even recall that before dismissal that day, my adviser, who is a religion teacher, together with my classmates prayed for me. Ako naman, hindi ko alam kung ano nangyayari. That floor was really haunted, I guess. One teacher left the school because of a traumatic experience as well.

HAhaha, I never thought that I'll have two experiences with those carbon copier.
Who knows, the next day. I won't wake up anymore *knock on wood*

The thing that I realized is that WE are REALLY living in a MYSTERIOUS but CRUEL WORLD.

-Teyr (not his real name)

Thursday, 10 November 2011

24 Years of Living


I want to thank God for all his unconditional blessings that he has showered to me, especially the latest job that I have now. I feel so verily loved by our dear creator.

Thanks to mommy and Tita Ising for fried chicken and cakes.

Thanks to my godfather Ric for the gift!

Thanks to who all who dropped by on my Facebook account to greet me on my wall.

And to all... THANK YOU!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


저는 필리핀 사람입니다.

Indeed, I am a Filipino citizen born in the Philippine Islands under the government of the Republic of the Philippines. But behind my Philippine identity is a deep desire of the peaceful Korean reunification. In my heart, I can feel that a part of me is an ethnic Korean longing for One Korea. For those who are familiar with my facial features, it is clear that I am of Asian ancestry, though I am also of European heritage.

Hallyu is everywhere. It has spread in many parts of Asia. And it’s now invading Europe and the Americas. I, myself, am hooked by the phenomenal Korean wave. K-pop is the most influential component of Hallyu in me. BoA, SE7EN, Rain, Super Junior, BIGBANG, Girls’ Generation, and 2NE1 are some of my favourite singers to mention. Now let me tell you this. During the advent of Hallyu in the Philippines, I already have an idea that BoA is creating her fame in Japan. In fact, I have listened to her first Japanese single “Listen to my Heart” on my friend’s Discman. And at that moment, BoA became my first favourite Korean singer. Since then, I started to acquire some knowledge about Korean language. I started to study Hangeul on my own. And there went the song “Answer the Phone” by Miina. Through that song, it was the start of Korean wave in our country. It was then followed by different Korean dramas that had surpassed Taiwanese and Mexican dramas on Philippine television. By the way, Lee Dong Wook, Kim Tae Hee, Kwon Sang Woo, Choi Ji Woo, and Bae Yong Joon, and Kim Rae Won are my favourite Korean actors and actresses! And as of this moment, I am enjoying songs sung by Korean artists – including my favourite artists of course!

Until such time, I have penetrated my Korean-influenced mind into the realms of North Korea. After all, North Korea will always be “Korea”, despite the fact that they call Korea “Choson”. Now this will be the real start of incorporating the true content of this blog entry. Indeed it’s now behind my interest about Korean culture.

But before I continue with my blogging, let me share you that I personally call Korean Peninsula “Goryeo Bando” or “Koryo Pando” (고려반도 - 高麗半島) with 3 reasons: the word “Korea” came from “Koryo” (one of the first dynasties in the Korean peninsula), to gain possible acceptance to all Koreans in the future, and to suggest the name “Goryeo” for the possible newly reunified nation of Korea. Kim Il Sung had suggested a federation that would be called “Democratic Confederal Republic of Korea” (고려민주연방공화국 -高麗民主聯邦共和國) for combined North and South Korea, in which their initial political states would initially remain. But still, it will be up to Koreans on how they will name Korea on their own.

To continue, I have been reading articles about the progress of Hallyu in North Korea. There was this article I read wherein a North Korean called South Korea “Han’guk” instead of “Namchoson”, the traditional calling of North Koreans to South Korea which literally means “South Joseon” (since North Koreans call Korea “Choson” whereas in south “Han’guk” in accordance of the respective names of Korea in those regions). Products from South Korea such as clothes, toothpaste, soap, and even USB sticks are smuggled into North Korea via China. And speaking of USB sticks, South Korean music, movies, and even TV series are saved in USBs. Hence, the young North Koreans are the potential proponents of Hallyu in the communist nation.

We cannot deny the fact that many of the North Koreans pretend to be unconditionally loyal to their Eternal President Kim Il Sung. Yet behind those pretentious acts hide the fact that they long freedom as it is in their fellow South Korean neighbour. It’s like they’re encaged in a prison without bars. That’s why there are a lot of North Korean defectors enjoying their current lives in South Korea. Good thing that South Korea has the policy of adopting defectors from North.
And speaking more about the flourishing things from South Korea, there’s this thing called “piracy” that plays a major role in the penetration of Hallyu. It may be negative by technical means, but there’s no sure way of direct importing of original South Korean stuff in North Korea. Otherwise, their lives will surely be at stake. That’s how cruel their regimen is. I don’t what’s with Kim Jong Il’s mind and he can’t accept the fact that the people within his nation are craving for so much freedom – freedom to happiness and carefree. It’s evident to South Korean dramas that people there are just enjoying the gift of life with no restrictions and fear.

Anyway, I strongly believe that Korean reunification is at hand. With the news about the slow deterioration of Kim Jong Il’s health, many North Koreans are hoping to be reunited with their fellow Koreans in south. And with the help of Hallyu to cushion the future reunification, every barrier between the two Koreas will be a sure shatter. May Saint Andrew Kim Dae Geon and all saints of Korea pray for peace and stability in the whole Korean peninsula. From Baekdusan to Jeju-do… KOREA IS ONE!

하지만, 저는 필리핀 사람입니다. ;)

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Mis Pensamientos

¡Buenos días a todos!

Ya lo véis. Yo estoy escribiendo en español porque lo estudio hasta ahora. Todavía estoy tratando a desarollar mi español para hablarlo con más confianza. Pero lo que pasa es que no tengo mucha exposición a los hispanohablantes porque se hablan inglés y tagalo aquí.

Si tuviera más tiempo para estudiar español y otros idiomas como portugués, lo haría. Sin embargo, me dedico a otras actividades como servicios de iglesia y estudios de lenguas extranjeras. Además, no tengo dinero porque no he tenido trabajo hasta ahora. Y tengo que encontrar un buen trabajo para ganar y para ayudar a mi madre y mis hermanos, especialmente mi hermano que trabaja y estudia al mismo tiempo. Sinceramente, siento lástima por él porque siempre está cansado y no tiene tiempo suficiente para relajarse.

En cuanto a mí, ¿que puedo hacer entonces?

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Mid-Autumn Festival - 中秋節 - 중추절

Good evening, especially to all Chinoy barkadas!

It was blast attending the Mid-Autumn Festival at Shangri-La Plaza which was hosted by CHInoy TV 菲華電視台!

It was just recent when I started to discover CHInoy TV on Net25. And as an ethnic Chinese, I started to feel that I'm indeed Chinese because of the program that shows combined Chinese and Filipino customs and traditions. Y por eso, I attended the festival wherein I had a chance to meet CHInoy TV hosts.

Here are the children's mini orchestra (sin embargo, no me acuerdo el nombre de su equipo porque estaba esperando los hosts del CHInoy TV). How I wish, I was very good in playing keyboard and violin so as to be on par with Henry Lau and Sue Son.

And here's Cathy Ordoñez who sang 我爱你中国 (I love you China). During that time, I felt like I was actually watching a Chinese opera. And I must say, her voice was so fantastic... qué genial!

And here´s Jayson Alexander Kiong (雄黄俊 - 웅황준) who sang Bruno Mars's "The Lazy Song". And as a member of a choir group, I personally idolise him. Ahora, no me apetece hacer nada, justo quiero acostarme en la cama... no me apetece descolger mi telefono, entonces deja tu mensaje al tono... :D

Lo and behold! The hosts of CHInoy TV! Y por aquí, querría agradecer señores Benedict Yujeco y Kendrick Chua por traducir mi nombre con sede en Corea. It was the week before the celebration of Chuseok (추석 - 秋夕) in the whole Korean peninsula (한반도-韓半島, 조선반도-朝鮮半島, 고려반도-高麗半島) that will be held this coming Monday. So long!

Thursday, 25 August 2011


GRADE 1 - MAUNAWAIN (Ms. Babiet Mabborang)
Naalala ko yung dalawang sili na nilagay sa upper right ng blackboard para ipahid sa mga maiingay. At sa mga nakakakita ng maliit na pilat sa pisngi ko, si J.A.T. ang may gawa nun. Do you know why? Pinautos yun ng maganda naming class adviser nung nag-away kami nun. Ang gandang halimbawa ng propesora naming ugok diba?

Naalala ko nung nagagalit sa akin yung class adviser ko kapag sinusumbong ko yung mga nang-aaway sa akin noon. Ang husay ko raw magsumbong eh! Ang ganda rin niyang adviser! At eto pa, nag-emote dati yung Language Teacher kong si Mrs. Chona Aquino dahil lang sa isang papel na hinihingi niya sa akin, at kesyo may nasabi raw akong hindi maayos! Ang sarap niyang sampalin promise! At nung naka-graduate na nga ako, nakuha pa niya akong pagalitan noong may sinisilip ako sa computer room para dalawin yung mga naging teacher ko sa Computer... HAYOP SIYA! Pero anyway, masasabi ko namang considerable naman ang aking academic progress.

GRADE 3 - SAINT AUGUSTINE (Ms. Myla Luz "Miles" Peñaflor)
Kung ikukumpara ang naging overall grades ko noong grade 3 sa ibang overall grades ko ng bawat grade level ko, masasabi kong pinakamataas na yun. Hindi ko rin alam pero ito yung year level ko na may sobra akong gana sa pag-aral. I must say, sunod-sunod akong perfect sa mga quizzes at periodical exams ko sa subject kong computer noong second quarter. Kasi, nagsimula kami ng computer activities noong second quarter, at Computer nga ang naging favourite subject ko. Dito sa grade level na ito ako nag-first communion noong December 06, 1996.

GRADE 4 - SAINT PAUL (Ms. Judith Sanguyo)
Masasabi kong eto yung pinakamasaya kong year level. So far, isa pa rin ako sa mga pinakamagaling sa academics. Doon ko na rin na-develop yung pakikihalubilo sa ibang tao, although malakas pa rin sa akin ang diwa ng isang munting bata. Dito rin sumikat yung mga favourite kong artists na Hansons, Spice Girls, Aqua, and 911 na lalo pang nagpasaya sa akin.

GRADE 5 - JOY (Ms. Elenita Cabañero)
Medyo maturity na rin ang naging experience ko sa level na ito. Dito kasi mas namulat ang mura kong kaisipan, at dito ko rin naisipang sumali ng Glee Club. And sad to say, nag-deterioriate yung mga grades ko nun. Naalala ko pa yung adviser namin na namamalo ng walis tambo kapag nagagalit sa aming mga pasaway! Wahahahahahahaha!

GRADE 6 - JOSHUA (Ms. Sylvia Elli)
"Teacher, I want ZERO!" -- yun yung linyang pinapasabi sa amin ng class adviser namin kapag hindi kami nakakagawa ng weekly assignment namin tungkol sa gospel ng Sunday Mass at kung ano yung message ng gospel para sa amin. Ito rin yung level na kung saan kinikilala ko na ang aking sarili. Doon din ako nakaramdam ng confusion sa sarili ko kung ano ba talaga ang binubulong ng id at superego ko.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Twitter Boom

Good afternoon folks!

It's me again posting another blog entry.

As you have noticed, I do not frequent here. Es que hago muchas cosas ahora, and I don't have much time to post such entries.

By the way, have I mentioned to you already that I'm studying Spanish at Instituto Cervantes? Well, I tell you, the place is really conducive for learning Spanish. I have learned a lot of things in Spanish, especially some notable idiomatic expressions. And I must say, my Spanish has improved a lot. And I have plans in improving my Spanish.

Do I still have a chance to improve the other languages that I apparently know such as French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Japanese, and Korean? Who knows what would be of my linguistic abilities in the future?

Anyway, I'm here to talk about my progress on Twitter. Currently, I have 82 followers and I'm still hoping that my followers would increase in the future. As a follower, I currently follow 168 users, including some of the famous celebrities, especially from the Philippines and Korea. And because Asian invasion is very prevalent here in my country, majority of whom I am following are Koreans.

Let's take BoA and SE7EN, the big celebrities in Korea. They are two of the most influential artists in Korea, Japan, and other parts of Asia. Their fame has even reached in the Americas particularly in the Latin American community. Indeed, they have massive followers that read their tweeted insights and thoughts. I, as a fan, even view their profile whenever I login to my Twitter account, just to know what's up to them. I may be able to read and write Korean alphabets, but my comprehension in Korean wasn't that gross to decipher their insights in their mother language.

Let's then take Ann Curtis-Smith and Vice Ganda. I must say, I'm their fan. Good thing, Vice Ganda was able to retrieve back his/her Twitter account, and I was able to view his/her tweets. And speaking of Ann Curtis, I truly admire her kindness and how she bears the youthfulness within herself. By the way, I tweeted Kuya Kim Atienza in Spanish. And guess what? He replied to me in Spanish, and some of Kuya Kim's followers were puzzled of what we were tweeting about!

At habang nagta-type ako ay sobrang tirik pa rin ang araw sa labas. Aún no quiero salir afuera porque hace calor insuportable. Pero tengo que estudiar más español porque tendrémos la prueba la proxima semana. La verdad es que ahora estoy con nervios aunque yo sé que hablo español bastante. Como una persona que quiere aprender más idiomas.

A ver, voy a salir ahora. ¡Adios amigos! ¡Hasta luego!

Monday, 11 July 2011

Mi Noche con Tristezas

Es mi primera vez a escribir una nota en español. Aunque mi español es algo malo, tengo que aprenderlo más porque soy un estudiante en un clase de español. Por lo tanto, tengo que hablar y escribir más español para ganar más conocimiento.

Lo que pasa es que le echo a mi "amigo mejor" de menos. De verdad, quisiera estar con él y con nuestros amigos otra vez. Sin embargo, somos enemigas ahora. Yo sé que tengo la culpa también porque yo no decía a mi "amigo mejor" sobre mis sentidos. Es mi otro amigo que decía mis sentidos sobre él.

Me duele en tanto la situación entre mi amigo mejor y yo, sí. Pero todavía creo que, ojála, nuestra amistad sería buen otra vez. ¿Quien sabe?

Riezo que mi amigo mejor esté bien en esta noche. Espero que el Diós me perdonaría.

¡Que tengais una buena noche! :)

Thursday, 2 June 2011


Good evening.

Medyo matagal na naman akong hindi nagba-blog. Perhaps, I got indulged to things I thought na maganda pero masama rin pala. Iba talaga kapag nasira pareho ang tiwala at pagkakaibigan. Malaking epekto sa samahan.

But in my case? Wala akong pagsisising nagsabi ako ng tunay kong saloobin sa isang taong inakala kong kaibigan ang turing sa akin. At ang napagsabihan ko pa ay ang taong matiim kong pinagkatiwalaan dahil sa paniniwala ko na mauunawaan niya ang saloobin ko.

Para sa mga hindi nakakakilala sa akin, topakin at aning akong tao. Oo, may sariling mundo rin ako kadalasan. Hindi ko nga iniinda sa akin yung mga kritisismong binabato ng iba sa likuran ko. All I know is that I'm just being true to myself because I stand to my belief. Alam ko rin sa sarili ko na naging tapat akong kaibigan, sa kabila ng pagkakaroon ko ng masamang ugali.

Naging tanga na rin ako sa taong tinuring ko pa man din na "BEST FRIEND". Kahit na pakaliwa pa rin ang mga bagay na binabato niya sa akin, kumakapit pa rin ako sa pag-asa na gaganda rin balang araw ang approach niya sa akin. Kahit na matindi ang sama ng loob ko sa kaibigan ko, tiniis ko pa rin yun dahil sa sobra kong pagmamahal sa mga kaibigan ko, lalo na sa kanya.

At sa hindi ko mawaring dahilan ay ibinunyag pa ng isa ko pang kaibigan ang lahat ng mga hinanakit ko sa tao na itinuring ko na "BEST FRIEND". Aaminin ko rin na may pagtingin ako sa taong tinutukoy ko. Ngunit sinira lang niya ang tiwala ko sa kanya.

But anyway, gaya ng status ko sa Facebook ko: "Nothing to loose... everything's gonna be alright..."

Nothing to loose talaga. Sinabi ko lang ang saloobin ko. Pero ang totoo, ang mga dalawang kaibigan ko ang mga tumalikod sa samahan. It's not that I'm giving them the sense of guilt. Kung sa bagay, mapipilit ba sila kung hindi nila kayang tignan ang mga pagakakamaling nagawa nila. Aaminin ko, marami rin akong nagawang pagkakamali. Isa na dun yung taong pinagkatiwalaan ko. Pero sa pagsabi ko ng saloobin ko? I'll never consider it as a big mistake. If they cannot see my real worth, then it's up to them. At least, I did my part as a true friend kahit na nagkamali pa ako sa paraan ng pagsabi ko ng saloobin ko. I know na mas offensive yung nagawa ko dahil sa halip na sa mismong "BEST FRIEND" ko sinabi ay sa ibang tao pa. I should have thought na close yung "BEST FRIEND" ko at yung kaibigan namin, este, kaibigan niya lang.

And recently, nalaman ko lang na nagalit sa akin yung iba ko pang mga kaibigan dahil sa nagawa ko. Pero bakit ko naman yun didibdibin nang sobra? Hindi ko naman sila masisisi rin kung hindi rin nila aalamin ang side ko.

Hanggang dito na muna. Ayaw ko munang isipin kung ano pa yung susunod na mangyayari sa sitwasyon ngayon. Ang masasabi ko lang ay NEVER AKONG NAGKULANG SA PAGIGING TUNAY AT TAPAT NA KAIBIGAN NA MINASAMA PA ANG SALOOBIN KO.

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Certified Altar Server!

Good evening!

Yahoo! I'm still certified altar server of the Diocese of Cubao serving for Holy Family Parish Kamias!

That's it. I'm damn busy, that's I wasn't able to update my blog entries. See ya soon!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Super Junior-M - U



Cuz I can’t stop thinking ’bout you girl
你属于我 最美的梦
No I can’t stop thinking ’bout you girl



Cuz I can’t stop thinking ’bout you girl
疯狂不已 不能失去你
No I can’t stop thinking ’bout you girl

Cuz I can’t stop thinking ’bout you girl
不要留我 孤单在这里
No I can’t stop thinking ’bout you girl
你只属于我 让我属于你

我只想握你的手 和你分享所有美梦
想要陪伴着你 在你孤单时候
擦掉你的眼泪 付出我的温柔

让我这样捧着你 在你手中
让我望着你 看着你 爱着你 的笑容

我会让你 只要我 只为我哭

Cuz I can’t stop thinking ’bout you girl
疯狂不已 不能失去你
No I can’t stop thinking ’bout you girl

Cuz I can’t stop thinking ’bout you girl
不要留我 孤单在这里
No I can’t stop thinking ’bout you girl
你只属于我 让我属于你

Cuz I can’t stop




Cuz I can’t stop thinking ’bout you girl
你屬於我 最美的夢
No I can’t stop thinking ’bout you girl



Cuz I can’t stop thinking ’bout you girl
瘋狂不已 不能失去你
No I can’t stop thinking ’bout you girl

Cuz I can’t stop thinking ’bout you girl
不要留我 孤單在這裡
No I can’t stop thinking ’bout you girl
你只屬於我 讓我屬於你

我只想握你的手 和你分享所有美夢
想要陪伴著你 在你孤單時候
擦掉你的眼淚 付出我的溫柔

讓我這樣捧著你 在你手中
讓我望著你 看著你 愛著你 的笑容

我會讓你 只要我 只為我哭


Cuz I can’t stop thinking ’bout you girl
瘋狂不已 不能失去你
No I can’t stop thinking ’bout you girl

Cuz I can’t stop thinking ’bout you girl
不要留我 孤單在這裡
No I can’t stop thinking ’bout you girl
你只屬於我 讓我屬於你

Cuz I can’t stop

Mèng zhōng de tiānshǐ lái jiànglín
Ér wǒ yǐjīng quèdìng yào de rén jiùshì nǐ
Qǐng ràng wǒ lái wèi wèi nǐ duàndìng
Shǒuhù nǐ de qíshì tā xiànzài zài zhèlǐ

Wǒ wúfǎ xiǎngxiàng shēn páng nǐ bùzài
Yào zěnme rěnnài yīgè rén de wúnài
Ó wǒ de ài
Fàng chūqù zěnme shōu huílái

Cuz I can’t stop thinking’bout you girl
Nǐ shǔyú wǒ zuìměi de mèng
No I can’t stop thinking’bout you girl
Wǒ yào wǒmen shǒujǐn jǐn xiāng wò

Nǐ fā shàng cányú de xiāng qì
Báixī de bèi jǐng ràng wǒ chénzuì bùyǐ
Dīchén dài cíxìng de huàyǔ
Chánrào zài ěr biān liúlián bùcéng xiāo​​qù

Bǎ jièzhǐ cáng zài méiguī lǐ
Néng bùnéng qǐng nǐ hé wǒ yīqǐ zǒu nà wèilái
Ó wǒ de ài
Fàng chūqù zěnme shōu huílái

Cuz I can’t stop thinking’bout you girl
Fēngkuáng bùyǐ bùnéng shīqù nǐ
No I can’t stop thinking’bout you girl
Wǒ zhǐyào wǒmen xīn jǐn jǐn xiāngyī

Cuz I can’t stop thinking’bout you girl
Bùyào liú wǒ gūdān zài zhèlǐ
No I can’t stop thinking’bout you girl
Nǐ zhǐ shǔyú wǒ ràng wǒ shǔyú nǐ

Méiyǒu shé me nénggòu gǎibiàn wǒ ài nǐ de zìyóu
Wǒ zhǐ xiǎng wò nǐ de shǒu hé nǐ fēnxiǎng suǒyǒu měimèng
Xiǎng yào péibànzhe nǐ zài nǐ gūdān shíhou
Cā diào nǐ de yǎnlèi fùchū wǒ de wēnróu

Bùguǎn yǒu shé me wǒ yě bù gǎnjué jìmò
Méiyǒu nǐ děngyú yǒngyuǎn piānlíle zhòngxīn
Ràng wǒ zhèyàng pěngzhe nǐ zài nǐ shǒuzhōng
Ràng wǒ wàngzhe nǐ kànzhe nǐ àizhe nǐ de xiàoróng

Wǒ huì ràng nǐ zhǐyào wǒ zhǐ wèi wǒ kū

Cuz I can’t stop thinking’bout you girl
Fēngkuáng bùyǐ bùnéng shīqù nǐ
No I can’t stop thinking’bout you girl
Wǒ zhǐyào wǒmen xīn jǐn jǐn xiāngyī

Cuz I can’t stop thinking’bout you girl
Bùyào liú wǒ gūdān zài zhèlǐ
No I can’t stop thinking’bout you girl
Nǐ zhǐ shǔyú wǒ ràng wǒ shǔyú nǐ

Cuz I can’t stop


Monday, 21 February 2011

Billboard excecutive declares K-Pop has taken over Japan and the rest of Asia

Billboard Magazine excecutive declares K-Pop has taken over Japan, Asia

The editorial director of Billboard Magazine has declared that Korean pop music or K-Pop has taken over Japanese and Asian markets.

Bill Werde, who oversees the editorial side of Billboard magazine, and, attended the recent Billboard Japan Music Awards held in Tokyo where he made the opening remarks and presented trophies to the winners. Werde witnessed 4Minute’s performance that he tweeted that K-pop’s popularity has exploded. Werde added that “K-pop has really taken over the Japanese market, and Asia in (general).”

His observation is true. K-Pop groups have been storming Japan in the last few years. Idols like TVXQ and BoA paved the way for the entry of other groups in the world’s second largest music market. TVXQ (known as Tohoshinki in Japan), for instance, has topped music charts in Japan several times. BoA is also very popular in the Japanese market.

Some of the K-pop artists that have entered the Japanese market include Big Bang, FT Island, Girls Generation, 4Minute, KARA and 2PM. 2NE1 & After School are set to debut in Japan soon. The K-pop girl group phenomenon in Japan is brought about by a strong fan base and accessibility through the internet, according to a January 2010 article by Kyodo News.

Masayuki Furuya, a Japanese DJ and journalist told Kyodo News, "What happened was when fans of boy bands such as TVXQ and Big Bang were searching the Internet in 2009, there was so much information about K-pop girl groups, which were becoming increasingly popular, and as they learned more about K-pop they discovered the charm of these girl groups.”

Asian countries like Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines are all experiencing the Hallyu Wave. In fact, in the Philippines, several K-Pop acts like FT Island, One Way, Beast, 4Minute, U-Kiss, Super Junior, SHINee have all set foot in the country! Universal Records, the leader in K-Pop music, has accumulated a total of fifteen (15) number one K-Pop albums (based on record retail's album charts like Astroplus/Astrovision & Odyssey) in a period of one year! Six (6) of those number one albums belong to K-Pop superstar group Super Junior, who are having their 2nd concert in Manila this February!

While popular throughout Asia, the Korean wave's influence is spreading to India, Pakistan, the Middle East and Central Asia. The Korean wave is also expanding beyond Asia through the Internet and has a particularly growing presence in Central and South America and is gradually becoming popular in the United States and Canada. It is also gaining momentum in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. It is gathering positive interest in North Africa, attracting a sizable niche audience in Egypt. Currently, the Korean wave is starting to hit the United Kingdom, particularly continental Europe and Australia.

Billboard is a weekly American magazine devoted to the music industry, and is one of the oldest & most reliable trade magazines in the world.

Note : Some items not relevant are omitted.

Posted by Jonathan M. Hicap @ Manila Bulletin
Additional source : Universal Records & Wikipedia

Monday, 14 February 2011

Solo Valentine

Alright folks, I admit... it's a lonely Valentine's Day for me.

But so what?

At least, I'm still happy... because I have nothing to spend with someone! It's just ME, MYSELF and I!

Hadlang lang sa mga naisin ko ang may ka-relasyon... I want to be ALONE... for THE REST OF MY LIFE! I love ME, MYSELF and I!

Monday, 31 January 2011

SBP Holy Child Parade and LHC Mini Reunion

Good afternoon!

Though I feel somewhat dizzy now, I just wanna share to you some of the photo shots that I had yesterday. Guess it was fun!

Yesterday was the Santo Niño Parade along Roxas Boulevard between Pasay City and the City of Manila. We, the Parish Youth Ministers of San Bartolome Parish represented Malabon City.

Take a closer look at the Holy Child's splendour. Doesn't it look nice?

It was around 2:oo PM when we started the parade in front of the Department of Foreign Affairs. Under the scorching heat of the sun, we made a wonderful performance. And guess it was worth it!.

WAKA WAKA WA EH EH... it was our performance piece on that day. Despite the heat, we had enjoyed the sacrifices that we made.

Guess I haven't been active in San Bartolome Parish's actives for some months since I became busy. For those who didn't have idea about my activities, I am affiliated with 3 churches in 3 different cities within Metro Manila.

But good thing that I was able to get along with them. After all, I want to re-established my lost connection with them. After all, I vowed that I'll engaged myself in their inmportant activities since I'm a member of Parish Youth Ministry of San Bartolome Parish.

Kitang-kita namanh kung gaano kami kasaya na hindi iniinda ang init ng araw. Fresh pa rin diba?

At para mawala ang stress, kailangan naman dapat ng kaunting kulitan through photo shots!

And this is the funniest part for me... nang nakasama namin si "Jolina" sa aming pictorial! Hahahaha!

Bale heto na nga pala noong nakaabot na kami sa Quirino Grandstand. Parang wala lang, hindi kami mukhang stressed. Enjoy kasi eh!

Compared to Holy Family Parish (East Kamias, Quezon City) and San Exequiel Moreno Parish (Kalookan City), ang San Bartolome Parish ang may pinakamaraming activities.

At nakuha pa naming magkulitan bago namin lisanin ang Quirino Grandstand! Say KESO!

Guess it was a tiring yet happy day! But wait... there's more!

Tada! Nakasama ko uli ang ilan sa Living Hope Chorale, my former choir group before I transferred to Coro de San Lorenzo. I was really happy and at peace when I got to be with them. Ang saya sa pakiramdam! Feeling ko, unti-unti na uling lumalabas sa akin ang diwa ng isang kasapi ng LHC! To be honest, mas nailabas ko ang tunay na ako sa grupong ito dahil dito rin ako nagsimula bilang choir member sa San Exequiel Moreno Parish. However, to be honest, I DON'T HAVE ANY PLANS OF GOING BACK TO LIVING HOPE CHORALE. Kung baga kasi, nasanay na rin ako sa Coro de San Lorenzo lalo na't napamahal na rin ako sa kanila. Pero bahala na kung saan man ako dadalhin ng kapalaran. But there's one thing na certain: I'll never break my ties with LHC members, lalo na sa mga una kong naging ka-close sa kanila.

Ang sarap pa man din ng diner namin nila Kuya Jojo, Jomar, at Jennylyn. O diba, puro nagsisimula sa letrang "J" ang mga pangalan namin? :)

Monday, 24 January 2011

2NE1 - Go Away

너무 치사하잖아 너답지 못하잖아
지금 적응이 안돼 어지러워 왜
누가 누구랑 헤어져
네가 나랑 헤어져
잘 생각하고 말해 Yeah!

날 따라다니던 남자 참 괜찮았던 남자
난 너 하나 때문에 다 보냈는데
누가 누구랑 헤어져
네가 나랑 헤어져
나 없이 잘 살아봐 yeah!

Tonight 하필 또 비는 내려 왜
내 모습 초라해지게
날 위로 하지는 마
이 손 치워 이제 남이니까

내 걱정 말고 Go Away
집착 없이 사라져 줄게
메달 릴 줄 알았겠지
역겨워 착각하지마
더 멋진 사람 만날게
널 후회하게 만들어 줄게
슬픔은 지금 뿐이야 boy
Cause love is over, Love-love is over tonight

Just say what you gotta say
어쩜 끝까지 멋없니?
Fiancé? Beyonce
I’m walkin’ out of destiny
초라한 홀로가 아닌 화려한 솔로
That’s my way
모든걸 다 줬으니 오히려 난 후회 안 해
지가 더 슬픈 척/ 끝까지 멋있는 척
All you do is act a fool
You ain’t shit without your crew
시간 없어/ I gotta go
안녕/ good bye/ adios
네 못난 얼굴 다신 보고 싶진 않아 no more

Tonight 하필 또 비는 내려 왜
내 모습 초라해지게
날 위로 하지는 마
이 손 치워 이제 남이니까

내 걱정 말고 Go Away
집착 없이 사라져 줄게
메달 릴 줄 알았겠지
역겨워 착각하지마
더 멋진 사람 만날게
널 후회하게 만들어 줄게
슬픔은 지금 뿐이야 boy
Cause love is over, Love-love is over tonight

Go away, eh eh eh...

내 걱정 말고 Go Away
집착 없이 사라져 줄게
메달 릴 줄 알았겠지
역겨워 착각하지마
더 멋진 사람 만날게
널 후회하게 만들어 줄게
슬픔은 지금 뿐이야 boy
Cause love is over, Love-love is over tonight


Saturday, 22 January 2011

Acute Burden

Good evening.

Guess it's my rest night until tomorrow evening, then I have to report to work on Monday. Somehow, I'm getting used with my working environment though I'm still in the process of the gradual adjustment. But I must say, I really love the job that I have. I guess, it's only a matter of indulging in to my work. After all, I'm in the stage of adulthood and it's the time for me to work for good.

Pero siyempre, kaakibat din sa mga trabaho ang mga di-inaasahan pagsubok at hamon. Hindi rin naman kasi maiiwasan yung mga ganung bagay. It's God's way to test me, and I know na hindi naman niya ako bibigyan ng mga suliranin na hindi ko kakayanin. Kung baga, nasa akin na lang kung lulusob pa rin ba o susuko na nang tuluyan. But of course, I know that God is always with me, even though I have a lot of shortcomings na dapat kong ayusin sa sarili ko.

Ang sa akin lang, hindi ko gaanong dinidibdib yung mga problemang dumarating sa akin. At para saan pa? Kaya nga ako naniniwala sa kasabihang "Kung may pinagdaraanan kang problema, daanan o lang... pero HUWAG MONG TAMBAYAN." Some how, it lightens up my mind whenever I think of this saying.

I must confess, I ended up my friendship with someone whom I admired most. Hindi ko akalaing doon din pala hahantong ang pagkakaibigan nang dahil lang sa ilang di-pagkakaunawaan... at higit sa lahat ay ang childishness ko. At ako nga ang may TUNAY NA MALI. But the damage has been done. And I know how stupid I am. Hindi rin kasi ako nag-iisip sa mga bagay na ginagawa ko. Ayaw ko namang isumbat na wala akong ginagawang masama, and I am just concerned about the situation of that person, pero hindi ko namalayang sobra na pala akong nakakaabala at nakaka-perwisyo. KATANGAHAN DIBA?

Monday, 17 January 2011

Frigid Zone

Good evening.

It's damn cold here in Manila! But guess it was so hot last Saturday, then it became so cold all of a sudden. Hence it's the effect of the so-called global warming, since this poor little planet is in deep trouble. And humans should do something on how to reduce the effect of the climate change.

Look at these kangaroos. Aren't they supposed to play and wander around the varied plains of Australia? See the flood on the background. That's the effect of La Niña in the continent. The flood is more than twice the size of France, but it's now subsiding down.

Anyway, that's it for now. I still have lots of things to do.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Solo Adventure in Manila... with ME, MYSELF, and I

Good afternoon!

Guess I had so much fun with ME, MYSELF, and I in Manila. My city for more than 10 years.

And here are some pictures during my solo adventure in Manila. It starts in Intramuros.

Naalala ko dati, madalas rin akong gala rito. For whatever reason, hindi ko rin alam. But I know that there's something with this place na binabalik-balikan ko. Mayroon din kasing ibang lugar sa Intramuros na anim'y nasa panahon ako ng pamumuno ng Espanya sa Pilipinas. Ngunit dahil na rin sa modernisasyon, unti-unti na ring naglalaho ang diwa ng sinaunang Intramuros.

Eto ang Simbahan ng San Agustin. Maniniwala ba kayong ilang lindol na ang pinagdaanan ng simbahang ito? It even the survived during the Battle of Manila, pero heto't hindi pa rin ito nagunaw. Amazing isn't it? It is in fact the oldest church still standing in the Philippines.

Here's the altar inside the San Agustin Church. Kahit na maraming tao, pilit ko pa ring kinuhanan yung ibang mga imahe sa loob ng naturang simbahan. Now let's proceed to Manila Cathedral.

Kilala din ang Manila Cathedral bilang Cathedral-Basilica of the Immaculate Conception dahil makikita sa altar ang imahe ng Imaculada Concepcion.

Sa taas ng imahe ay may inskripsyong Latin na ang ibig sabihin ay "MARIA NA IPINAGLIHI NA WALANG ORIHINAL NA KASALANAN" sa wikang Filipino. Noong mga oras na kumukuha ako ng ibang retrato ay maraming turista ring naroon, especially Europeans and Koreans.

Anyway, hindi naman ako nagtagal sa Intramuros. At siyempre, hindi ko pinalampas ang Manila City Hall dahil kinuhanan ko rin ng picture yung tore, at saka nag-relax muna ako sa SM Manila. At saka dumako naman ako sa Santa Cruz Parish, isa sa mga paboritong simbahan ng ninong at ninang ko.

Dati rin kaming nagsisimba ng mom ko rito lalo na kapag matao sa Simbahan ng Quiapo. Mas deboto kasi sa Nazareno ang mom ko kaya mas gusto pa rin niyang magsimba sa Quiapo. Pero naalala ko rin na madalas akong idala rito ng ninang ko sa tuwing may matapos siyang puntahan. At isa rin ang ninang ko na naglapit sa akin kay Lord noong bata pa ako. At dahil sa pagiging relihiyosa ng ninang ko, she became successful at nagwo-work siya ngayon sa United States. My ninong, on the other hand, is also successful. I myself also became successful dahil nakakuha ako ng magandang work, although hindi naman siya tugma sa kursong natapos ko.

Alam na kung ano ang next stop ko... CHINATOWN!

As an Asian, nagpupunta rin ako minsan dito in search of mystical items. Dito sa Chinatown, halo-halong bagay rin ang makikita rito, dahil may mga Japanese and Korean items rin. But guess what? It's a bit hard to find someone who speaks in Mandarin (though I'm not that good in Mandarin) because the majority of the Chinese people there speak Fukienese, followed by Cantonese. Pangatlo nga lang ang Mandarin. But expect that majority of the Chinese here are also native speakers of Tagalog. Kung baga, Chinese ang salita sa bahay, habang Tagalog at English naman sa labas. Dumako naman tayo sa last destination: BINONDO CHURCH.

The Chinese Filipinos are unique in Southeast Asia in being overwhelmingly Christian. Almost all Chinese Filipinos, including the Chinese Mestizo but excluding the recent immigrants, had or will have their marriages in a Christian church. This proves that the majority of Chinese Filipinos have been baptized in a Christian church, with Catholics forming the largest group. I myself saw a lot of Tsinoys praying inside the church.

Bago nga ako pumasok sa simbahan ay nag-alay muna ako ng maikling panalangin. At sa halip na wax candle ang ginamit ko ay Chinese candle ang pinangtirik ko. Bagay na nasapawan man ng Katolisismo ang mga Tsino ay hindi pa rin maglalaho ang kanilang mga kustombre at kaugalian.

Well, was my solo adventure worth it? Maybe next time, I'll do another sort of solo adventure with ME, MYSELF, and I. Ciao!

HEP HEP HEP! Pahirit pa ng isa... dito kasi ako bumaba pagkatapos ng Solo Adventure ko. "Arriving at Anonas Station. Paparating na sa Anonas Station." Parang si Nicolehyala ang naririnig ko sa recording ng tren. At oo nga pala, bibilhin ko na sa Lunes yung tatlong album ng Tambalang Balasubas at Balahura... sila Nicolehyala at Chris Tsuper!