Wednesday, 28 November 2007

NCM 102 Amour

What a weak EARTHQUAKE of yesterday!!! Anyway, it has been more than two weeks ago since my classes for this semester started. I may say that I'm certain of what I will be in class. Perhaps, I have changed a bit in terms of my personality.

As the saying goes: HAGGARDNESS is next to UGLINESS. Hello... I'm too young to look old!!! But at least, I have early remedies for that. Since I am certain that this semester will be happy and fruitful semester, let me share to you some things that make me happy...

Guess what? There are a lot of good people in our Lecture Class (by the way, NCM 102 has 2 divisions: Related Learning Experience and Lecture... RLE is composed of Skills Laboratory, Community Duty, and Hospital Duty; Lecture is composed of Obstetrician Nursing, Operating Room Nursing, Community Care, and Medical-Surgical Nursing)!!! In our Lecture Class, we are composed of 2 sections: IRREGULAR 14 and IRREGULAR 16 (which is my section). What really makes me happy is that many people from both sections are kind and friendly, enough for me to mingle with them. Indeed, this is an inspiring experience, and it's good enough for me to have a drive to study more.

Perhaps, this is the start of my sharing regarding my experience in my schooling...

Thursday, 22 November 2007

WIKIPEDIA: A Voluntary Task

Recently, I just got interested in creating articles on Wikipedia. It's because I'd want to promote the Filipino Language, based upon Tagalog Dialect, on the net as my first priority. Knowing the fact that some Filipinos need to research some articles using Tagalog, I have decided to contribute some articles on Wikipedia Tagalog. However, all of the articles that I have contributed are all about Korean and Japanese topics.

Anyway, these are the sites in Wikipedia where I am used to engage myself:

Saturday, 10 November 2007

20 Years of Living

Oh my gosh! I just can't believe that I am now 20 years old!!! I guess, my life has been fruitful ever since... and my life will surely bloom as time passes by...

Guess, I am now done with the teenage phase of my life. Somehow, I am still happy with my life I have now. I know that I will encounter a lot of things and experiences in the future. I'm still young after all. And, my dreams are about to be fulfilled sooner or later.

Speaking of my student life, I still have one more year to study. And I only got three semesters to go before my glorious graduation. That is why I have to study harder and push stronger. And I will truly comprehend all the lessons that will be taught by my professors and clinical instructors, since I am already scheduled for my hospital tasks. And most of all, I will try to avoid things that will only ruin my studies.

Speaking of my ecclesiastic life, my role as a Parish Youth Minister in San Bartolome Parish is somewhat all right. It became easy for me to go along with my co-ministers, especially with my apprentices, "BLACK BOYS" (guess, these guys are really cool to be with). In Special Ministry of the Word, my other ministry in San Bartolome Parish, it is still uncertain of when I will be regularised in my service. And in Knights of the Altar, in Holy Family Parish Kamias, I am still agressive in returning back there to serve again as an altar server. It's because that's what my heart wants to. And I confess, I verily feel sorry for not serving there. Anyway, I am still hoping that I'll be back there before Christmas or before the year ends.

And now... I'm missing someone... the one who is so special to me... even though that person became cold in going along with other people, I can still feel the little warmth from that person's heart... I do understand that person, that's why there is no reason for me to have hard feelings... I just want to talk again with that person, even through text messaging... I do miss that person so much... guess, I didn't have time to have bonding with that person... when will that happen?


Thursday, 1 November 2007

Teardrop Crystal

Today is All Saints' Day. And my mother and I are supposed to be at my grandparents' tomb somewhere in Quezon City for today. But we planned to be there instead for tomorrow. For a reason, it's quite confidential.

My firt semester (3rd Year College) was over, and I already had my grades in NCM 101, Nursing Research, and Microbiology-Parasitology. Somehow, all of them are of satisfactory level, and I am very thankful that I passed them. After I got my grades in my school, I went to a place where I pampered myself in playing DotA. I must say, my game with other people wasn't that enjoying. I can't tell why. Perhaps, it has been for long since the last time that I was there. And many things have changed and still yet they are changing. For whatever reason, it is verily certain that all things are constantly changing as time passes by. But to be honest, the frigid atmosphere of someone who is still special to me is ostensibly sensible. I cannot anymore blame that person if still so.

The Halloween Season for this year is not creepily horrible. Perhaps, my mind is already tired of sensing things that are irrelevant to my career as a nursing student. But to become a pugnacious one is only an utter foolishness. As much as possible, I want to preserve the policy of humility in me. But sad to say, evil is gradually enveloping my weak heart and mind. But I have to fight it with my faith and fortitude that are still kept within the depths of my soul. I want to preserve as well my reputation as faithful altar servant, meek word minister, and jolly youth minister, even though I am a sinful person.

The tears from my sorrowful heart shall build stairs to success. And I shall rise up as a person who will become happy and gentle for everyone I love.