Thursday, 24 April 2008

獣拳戦隊ゲキレンジャー VS Power Rangers Jungle Fury

Is it true that the casts of Gekiranger came to their end of their job? And what about the casts of Power Rangers Jungle Fury?

Although I didn't have much idea on those Sentai shows, I do like their shows!

Speaking of Jungle Fury, I say that it's alright...

But with Gekiranger... AWESOME!

After all, Asian Spirit will reign forever!

After reading Takagi-san's blog, I just then realised that all things come to end. How I wish, all of the Sentai shows will be televised here in the Philippines...

Since the start of Bioman, Maskman, Fiveman, Jetman, and other Sentai shows, I told to myself that I'll be an avid viewer of those breath-taking shows.

But with the start of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, nothing has changed.

I'm gonna watch out for Go-onger VS Gekiranger...

And to the main casts of Gekiranger and Jungle Fury... you guys are really awesome! To Aljin Abella and Manpei Takagi: may the essence of Asian Power remain in you forever!


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Sean Akizuki said...

As a Filipino citizen of oriental descent, it's natural for me to choose Sentai over PR but sadly American superiority mentality has taken over the country for too long.

If you ask me, if you watch Super Sentai some of the actors/actresses may resemble our own provided they have big eyes.