Monday, 21 November 2011

MOMMY and DADDIES (pero mga ate at kuya talaga)

Here's 보아엄마 (but I shall call her 보아언니 in case we meet in future!). Like me she was born on November and both under Scorpio. No doubt, she's the real Queen of K-Pop due to her beauty, charm, and talents.

And here are 보아엄마 & 시원아빠 (but I really meant to call them 언니 and 오빠 due to my strong emotional attachment to them!)

With the picture above, here's mommy BoA with Daddy Yunho. Now let me tell you this, I'm not a Cassie by heart, but I'm kind of interested with some of the TVXQ's songs including one of their recent single "WHY (Keep Your Head Down)" in both Japanese and Korean versions. And speaking of Yunho, I like hearing him speaking in Jeolla accent. It's because whenever I hear Koreans speaking, majority of them speak in Seoul accent, the basis for the Korean language in South Korea.

And here's Daddy Siwon, let me tell some things that made me fascinated about him.

Because I'm an ELF by heart, Siwon, for me, is one of my driving forces to sing at our church every Sundays (though my voice is so terrible). Moreover, Siwon's undoubted religiosity made me more inspired to occasionally post some bible verses on Twitter. He may be Protestant and I may be Catholic, but that doesn't mean the my viewpoint on him may totally be hindered. In fact, I like people who take time to post inspirational bible verses on Twitter or elsewhere on the web.

And here's Daddy Siwon with Daddy Yunho from the TV Series "Poseidon".

And here's another Scorpio folk like me and mommy BoA... Daddy Dongwook! I wonder if he'd be an attorney someday... hmm...

Tadah! Another Scorpio folk, Daddy Vennie, bearing the alias SE7EN! Coz I know we'd better together!

At dahil kasama niya si Krung-Krung, magta-tagalog na ako! And speaking, Scorpio rin si Sandy! Bale dalawang araw lang ang pagitan ng birthday nila ni SE7EN. Matagal na nga rin pala noong huli kaming nagkita ni Krunggie dito sa Pilipinas. At naalala ko pang nag-Japanese ako sa kanya noong nandoon kami sa dressing room nila at wala pa siyang alam sa Hapones. Samanatalang ngayon, daig pa niya ako! Sila na nga!

Oh well, that's it for now. I wanna see you guys in person. At kay Sandara, bumalik ka na rito teh! Nasarapan ka na diyan sa Korea ah! Ayos lang yun, pero huwag mo sanang kalimutan ang Tagalog ha! :)

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