Thursday, 20 March 2008


Greetings to all people, especially to all faithful Roman Catholics and all Christian sects! Peace to you in the name of the Lord!

Tonight is Maundy Thursday. And this night is very special to all Christians, including myself as Roman Catholic. What makes this night special is that we Christians commemorate the passion and suffering of God the Son, Jesus Christ. Without our Lord, there will be no redemption in our fragile world.

Now, what I really want to post here is about my wish for the dominance of Roman Catholicism in the two of my adored countries in the world – JAPAN and KOREA. We all know that Japan and Korea are two of the world’s prosperous and progressive countries today. Without their essence of their unity, then their country will be forgotten from the ruins of past wars. So I hope that the citizens of these powerful countries will understand and collaborate with my wish, since this will be the key for their moralisation and betterment. Hence, the Redemption of the Lord is at their hands.

Speaking of Japan, I was really amazed when I knew that they quickly rose up from ruins after World War II. There was unity, collaboration, and harmony among them. No one thought of his or her own sake. At least, they have admitted of their past mistakes. For me, it was only nothing. For as the saying goes: you can never change the past, but you can change the present for the better future. And I can feel that the soul of Mount Fuji is rejoicing, and will always rejoice… for as long as the people of Japan will be always people. Blessed be the Land of the Rising Sun!

Speaking of Korea, I am still hoping that Joseon and Hanguk will reunite as a peaceful yet prosperous nation. And the soul of Mount Baekdu will surely rejoice by the time that the reunified Korea will be rebuilding back their land, which is only politically separated. After all, Joseon and Hanguk still share similarities, in accordance of their culture, tradition, and language. Communism should be eradicated off from the surface of the Land of the Morning Calm. And at the moment of their glorious reunification, it will up to the Koreans on how they will name their nation in their beautiful language.

Like what I have mentioned earlier, I wish for the dominance of Roman Catholicism in Japan and Korea. I am not saying that I have the desire to give myself up as a citizen of the Philippines, the Pearl of the Orient. As a Filipino, I also give part in praying for the stop of graft and corruption, for those elements only destroy the reputation of my country to the world. But since I also adore Japan and Korea, I pray that they must consecrate themselves in the spirit of Christianity, and must follow and live up the teachings of our Lord, Jesus Christ. And if they will also adopt the virtues of faith, hope, and love, then they will receive perpetual blessings from God. Sure enough, their political and socio-economical progress will be at height of their success.

By the time that Japan and Korea become Catholic nations, they shall become strong pioneers of Catholicism in Asia, together with the Philippines. And they shall become models of true faith, good hope, and selfless love. With the help of the Holy Spirit, they shall voice out the Word of God and proclaim the triumph of good over evil throughout Asia and the whole world.

Japan and Korea may still follow and live up with the teachings of Confucius, but they should also be with the teachings of Christ. Verily, the teachings of Confucius and Christ will serve as souls of moral humanity.

Tok-do or Takeshima should never become the main cause of political conflict between Japan and Korea. Instead, they should establish a law called TERRA NOSTRA wherein they will mutually share the rule on this beautiful island.

To the soul of Saint Francis Xavier and to all souls who have always desired to spread and proclaim Christianity, please pray that my desire will come into reality. AMEN.



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