Thursday, 21 January 2010

Choral Competition Triumph


First of all, I would like to personally thank and congratulate all my co-members in Coro de San Lorenzo who represented our parish church, San Exequiel Moreno Parish, for the Choral Competition held at San Ildefonso Parish in Navotas City! KUDOS TO ALL OF US!

ROLE CALL and SHOUT OUTS TO THE PARTICIPANTS (due to the so-called "NETIQUETTE", I will only mention them through their initials)...

1. W----- (Nice one! Your jokes make me smile!)
2. N----- (If it's not because of you, I will never be at least an amateur bassist for our competition!)
3. R----- (Good job! Hope you'll always look young like me! ^^)

1. J---- (Your efforts are highly appreciated! I am honoured to have you as my co-member!)
2. Q---- (I really adore your sweetness! Keep that up!)
3. D----- (Excellent! How about some cheers for the two of us? ^^)
4. M------ (Good thing you got well just before our competition!)

1. D------ (MARE! It's so delightful to be with!)
2. J----- (Thanks for being good to me! My trust in you will never die!)
3. A--- (It's a pleasure to have you as one of my closest friends! Thanks for your kindness and meekness to me!)
4. J----- (You really rock! I tell you, you can be the best soloist!)
5. G----- (Colossal! Thanks for being kind to me!)
6. A---- (Your undying dedication will make our aspirations possible! COOL!)

1. G---- (I owe you my deepest gratitude! If it's not because of your advices, I'll never realise that I should let go of the matters that are really not meant for me! Somehow, I'm letting go of it little by little!)
2. B-------- (My former elementary classmate! Thanks for everything! GO GABRIELANS!)
3. D---- (GREAT! You're a nice tenorist!)
4. M----- (ASTOUNDING! Your spoofs makes me jolly!)
5. J--- (AMAZING! It's not surprising that a rock music lover like you has a great voice like yours! Bring it on!)
6. ME, of course! (WAHAHAHA! Kahit na patago akong nag-eemote, nakayanan ko pa ring kumanta kanina!)

Along with those, I would like to give this credit to the two L's and J who made this triumph acquisition possible! If it's not because of their undying efforts, we would never have proven to everyone what we really have deep within us.

And now, I would like to thank the whole Living Hope Chorale. If it's not because of them, I will never learn from my mistakes and I will never have my voice improved. My heart and mind will always have a place for them no matter what happens.

As a Radio DJ had told before: "love all the persons you value so much, as if THERE IS NO MORE TOMORROW TO COME..."

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