Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Super Shooting by Super Junior

Good morning!

Guess it's Daddy Siwon inside the bus! I took this in Intramuros when they left because the shooting was halted due to uncontrollable number of ELFs in that area. It started when Siwon tweeted this yesterday morning:

And the ELFs got frenzied with his tweet and they started following them. Their first stop was at Eastwood Mall in Quezon City, then at Blue Lotus in Pasay City, and at Intramuros in the city of Manila.

And there was this unexpected incident wherein Siwon and Eunhyuk got hurt because an ELF accidentally pushed them just to meet Kyuhyun, but then the three guys went inside the bus because of that. And as expected, it angered a lot of other ELFs supposing that it was their chance to meet and greet the three vis-a-vis.

Nevertheless, Kyuhyun retweeted what Siwon had posted:

In behalf of Philippine ELFs, I would like to apologise (yan ang baybaying Britaniko ng "apologize" kaya huwag kayong basag-trip, hahahaha) to the 3 guys of you. Yet I'm still hoping that you enjoyed your very short stay in our tropical country. Let's dance HOT SUMMER! :)

Thanks to Daddy Siwon for the picture above! 아빠 죽을만큼 보고싶어요! :')