Saturday, 11 October 2008

Lingering Memories

Oh my, I thought that it's over and nothing to worry about. But still, I longing for someone's presence. I really don't why, but it still bothers me somehow.

Just as yesterday when I was with my long-time friend who just broke up with her boyfriend some few days ago, we both went into our friends flat to share some stories.

It went like this.

When I was with "SARAH", my long-time friend, inside the school campus, she told me that she and her boyfriend have just broke up a few days ago. She was mourning for the loss of their relationship as lovers. For long, they've been boyfriends and girlfriends. But it suddenly slipped away in just a snap, all because of his ex-boyfriend's "temptation".

I was madly shocked after Sarah told me about it. I could still remember when I was sharing some stories with his boyfriend about Sarah. And he said that he truly loves Sarah so much. Through his ex's warm utterance, it was convincing enough. But everything was nothing but irony.

We were at the flat of Sarah's friend after we knew the truth. It so happened that Sarah's friend was the companion of "Lee". And we spent our time talking about our hurts from deep within our feelings.

As I was spending my time there, I decided to bid myself GOODBYE through SMS to the one I truly loved. It was hard for me to do it but I can't anymore carry the pain inside me. For the past nights, I did nothing but to cry and mope. Just like Sarah, we haven't had much rest. So our eyebags are almost like travel baggages. But then, we only laughed at our past moments.

And then I went to a bible study. True enough, the feeling was more rejuvenating yet fortifying after our meditation inside the adoration chapel. And I prayed that everything should be alright.

Hopefully, I am happy as soon as I wake up by tomorrow. And I hope that I may be able to forget the pain from the past. After all, there are still a lot of people who appreciate as who and what I am

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