Friday, 19 October 2007

BS Nursing 3rd Year (First Semester) Ended

Well, I'm just done with all of my Final Exams. Awhile ago, I took my exam in Nursing Research. Considering the fact that it was one of the toughest subject that I've ever had, its examination questions are quite easy and comprehensible.

Anyway, I'm already done with the following subjects for this semester:

- NCM 101

  • Human Development
  • Human Behaviour
  • Care Management
  • Community Care Management

- Microbiology and Parasitology
- Nursing Research

And I'm done with my hospital duties in the following medical institutions:

- Sapang Palay Hospital
- Parada Health Centre
- Valenzuela General Hospital
- Quezon City General Hospital

Somehow, my experience was fruitful. I have learned a lot of of things essential for my future nursing career. After all, I'm happy in helping people.

However, I still have some unfinished businesses and tasks... such as conflicts that almost ruined my emotions... and a regret of not expressing myself with someone so special for me...

Perhaps... PRIDE is the most negative attribute in me... it's verily a destructive attribute... the mere fact that I am annoying... it makes me feel like I'm being burned into ashes that will never be whole and unique again...