Saturday, 23 August 2008

Fruitful Enough?

Oh my, it's been a bit long since I have entered my latest blog entry.

Before, I used to get myself online almost every day. But now, my financial expenses are ostensibly divided. Food stuff, mobile phone load, even some school-related stuff contributes to my financial expenses division.

Since the rebirth of my previous clan, I was then very active in private messaging and group messaging. As an officer of that clan, I should get myself updated on the clan progress, such as admitting new members, recording data, and the like.

To be honest, I almost did not have time in my studies. And my grades are somewhat so-so. Yep, it's somewhat frustrating to myself and to my mother as well.

But then, I should prioritize my studies more rather than my other stuffs that are not related to my real future triumph. After all, I still want to fulfill my hard-to-reach dreams. I don't know to myself but I'm getting stupid and stubborn over and over.

I guess, I need to reflect to myself first. But when will I be a better person?

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