Thursday, 1 November 2007

Teardrop Crystal

Today is All Saints' Day. And my mother and I are supposed to be at my grandparents' tomb somewhere in Quezon City for today. But we planned to be there instead for tomorrow. For a reason, it's quite confidential.

My firt semester (3rd Year College) was over, and I already had my grades in NCM 101, Nursing Research, and Microbiology-Parasitology. Somehow, all of them are of satisfactory level, and I am very thankful that I passed them. After I got my grades in my school, I went to a place where I pampered myself in playing DotA. I must say, my game with other people wasn't that enjoying. I can't tell why. Perhaps, it has been for long since the last time that I was there. And many things have changed and still yet they are changing. For whatever reason, it is verily certain that all things are constantly changing as time passes by. But to be honest, the frigid atmosphere of someone who is still special to me is ostensibly sensible. I cannot anymore blame that person if still so.

The Halloween Season for this year is not creepily horrible. Perhaps, my mind is already tired of sensing things that are irrelevant to my career as a nursing student. But to become a pugnacious one is only an utter foolishness. As much as possible, I want to preserve the policy of humility in me. But sad to say, evil is gradually enveloping my weak heart and mind. But I have to fight it with my faith and fortitude that are still kept within the depths of my soul. I want to preserve as well my reputation as faithful altar servant, meek word minister, and jolly youth minister, even though I am a sinful person.

The tears from my sorrowful heart shall build stairs to success. And I shall rise up as a person who will become happy and gentle for everyone I love.