Friday, 20 June 2008

NCM 104 Catastrophe!

First day of lecture classes... supposedly...

But guess what?

Almost all of my classmates are currently having their duty at Guagua Provincial Hospital!!! MY GOODNESS!!!

I haven't had an idea that I am supposed to have my hospital duty in our province... perhaps,

Anyway, it's not actually a big catastrophe for me... I'm just being exaggerated again... silly me...

The good thing is that I've met my new groupmate in RLE. He is alsom my classmate in lecture. Actually, he's some sort of kind and jolly. And we eventually became good friends.

The good thing is that we automatically felt the sense of oneness. I'm a happy person. He's a happy person. Therefore, we are both happy persons! As we go on with our bonding moments, we shared some stories about what was and what is happening on us. We both had our hearty lunch. As he mentioned, he's from Quezon City campus of our university. And he said that it was somewhat comfortable to be in our campus. And before I forget, I have shown to him my real and authentic personality - having a high sense of PRIDE.

It's not that I'm boasting my prideness, but that's the real me. But I belive that we will still know each other... since he's also almost like me. And sooner or later, we'll become best of friends, just like my other best of friends in Malabon City. However, he's from the slight-distant city of Pasig. And he also said that he is almost familiar with the whole image of Pasig City. It's his homecity anyway. How I wish, he'll meet my friends here in Malabon, and befriend them as well. But like me, he's also a busy person, especially on Sundays.

And so, we are going to watch some good French movies by tomorrow...

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