Friday, 13 February 2009


Good afternoon!

Today is the Foundation Week of City Of Malabon University.

Geez, it's really hot outside. But guess what? I was having a sort of friendly bonding with my new friends from that school. And they were actually the participants of CMU Cheering yesterday from Education Department. Though they were only 3rd in the ranking, I am also happy for them. For so many nights that I was with them during their rehearsals. But then, it was sad for me that I haven't seen them actually performing their cheering performance.

And last night was really fun! We had a prestigious drinking session held at Kyo's pad. And I was terribly drunk! But at least had a chance to share some of my queer guts with them. And it's also one of my unforgettable moments in my life.

Nevertheless, there are hopes that I'll get to see a video of theirs.


Today is also the Foundation Week of my school, Our Lady Of Fatima University at the Rizal Grand Stadium. But I did not attend there! Hehehehe!

How silly of me!

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