Sunday, 22 March 2009

Resemblance from the Past

Good evening!

Kakatapos ko lang kumain sa Galvez Eatery sa may bandang Navotas after kong magbantay sa Lenten Exhibit ng San Bartolome Parish ng ilang oras along with my other friends na kasama din sa pagbantay. It was a delightful dinner for me. Hence, it was a rewarding experience for us.

Just a sharing about sa nangyari kanina.

It is really proven that everything happens for many reasons. It could be a good or bad image. But for me, it's not just a good image but a very good one. And as I go along with my twisted life, there are some things that makes me wonder why there are such things in my journey that strucked my mind. What I mean is that, almost everything is returning back to me. Though they may not be that same like the past ones, but they are almost just the same with a hint of uniqueness.

Ang nakaraan? It really hurts so much. But I don't know why I would like to fix such things made by the bitter past.

Ang kasalukuyan? It's kindda queer, yet it makes me relaxed. But I can't deny the fact that the past memories makes me feel like excruciating again. But the present almost saved me from the pain I've had before.

Ang hinaharap? I can't be so assuming that it would be good for long. But it surely depends on how I'm going to handle it. I cannot assure to myself that I'll be careful in all the things that I would do.

Anyway, all things happen for many reasons. And all I have to do is to enjoy every moment that I have in my life.

So long for now!

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