Friday, 25 June 2010

Korean War II Threat

I'm very frustrated with what I recently heard about the another impending war between North and South Koreans.

The heat is on as tensions between North and South Korea continue to rise. North Korea has threatened to attack any South Korean ships that enter its waters. And now South Korea has launched large-scale military exercises including anti-submarine drills in response. Seoul is also planning two major military drills with the US by July.

What the hell is happening?! Can't the North Koreans think of something that would make them fully reconciled with South Koreans? In the first place, there's no reason for them to fight against each other. And the reason? THEY ARE KOREANS!

I don't know what Kim Jung Il is up to now. If he is really willing to have peaceful Korean Reunification, then why is he planning for another Korean War?

Saint Andrew Kim, pray for the whole Korea.
Holy saints and martyrs of Korea, pray for the whole Korea.

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