Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Unnoticed Feelings

Good afternoon.

I'm still here in my company waiting for my next class at 1:20 PM. It's some kind of boring, but it's fun because I still earn money. Funny, isn't it?

And, I discovered something really unusual about myself.

For years that I had been in love with somebody else, there is this fact that was really surprising. I just can't believe that it was true -- I've been in love with this person for long! At first, I didn't presume that I had love for this person because I didn't pay much attention with my silly feelings. Way back from my early teenage life, I used to be with this person during time of "legitimate responsibilities". At first, we were like best friends because that person was my first friend during that time. But due to our childish acts, our friendship got ruined. And I felt "panghihinayang" because I lose a friend like that person. But I'm certain to myself that I still considered that person as my friend. After all, my friends are important to me.

Until our pathways crossed again (through online), my "pagkasabik" for that person came back in me. And... I just discovered certain coincidences that really shocked me -- until this very moment I'm writing this blog entry.

Just few moments ago, I just realised... I was deeply in love with that person -- just like how I loved that person when we were in the "place of legitimate responsibilities". Although I didn't pay much attention with that sort of feelings, I am now certain that I love that person... until now.

Ngunit bakit ngayon ko lang natuklasan na may nararamdaman na pala ako sa kanya simula pa noong naging magkaibigan kami? Perhaps, this is what I call "UNNOTICED FEELINGS".

So hindi pala si "NUMBER 1" ang first true love ko. May mas nauna pa pala sa kanya. At "SIYA" pala yun.

I don't know if I will be at peace for the rest of my moments. Ngayon pa lang, gulung-gulo na ako.

MAHAL na MAHAL ko pala siya. Sana, napansin ko noon na may nararamdaman pala ako sa kanya.

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