Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Twitter Boom

Good afternoon folks!

It's me again posting another blog entry.

As you have noticed, I do not frequent here. Es que hago muchas cosas ahora, and I don't have much time to post such entries.

By the way, have I mentioned to you already that I'm studying Spanish at Instituto Cervantes? Well, I tell you, the place is really conducive for learning Spanish. I have learned a lot of things in Spanish, especially some notable idiomatic expressions. And I must say, my Spanish has improved a lot. And I have plans in improving my Spanish.

Do I still have a chance to improve the other languages that I apparently know such as French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Japanese, and Korean? Who knows what would be of my linguistic abilities in the future?

Anyway, I'm here to talk about my progress on Twitter. Currently, I have 82 followers and I'm still hoping that my followers would increase in the future. As a follower, I currently follow 168 users, including some of the famous celebrities, especially from the Philippines and Korea. And because Asian invasion is very prevalent here in my country, majority of whom I am following are Koreans.

Let's take BoA and SE7EN, the big celebrities in Korea. They are two of the most influential artists in Korea, Japan, and other parts of Asia. Their fame has even reached in the Americas particularly in the Latin American community. Indeed, they have massive followers that read their tweeted insights and thoughts. I, as a fan, even view their profile whenever I login to my Twitter account, just to know what's up to them. I may be able to read and write Korean alphabets, but my comprehension in Korean wasn't that gross to decipher their insights in their mother language.

Let's then take Ann Curtis-Smith and Vice Ganda. I must say, I'm their fan. Good thing, Vice Ganda was able to retrieve back his/her Twitter account, and I was able to view his/her tweets. And speaking of Ann Curtis, I truly admire her kindness and how she bears the youthfulness within herself. By the way, I tweeted Kuya Kim Atienza in Spanish. And guess what? He replied to me in Spanish, and some of Kuya Kim's followers were puzzled of what we were tweeting about!

At habang nagta-type ako ay sobrang tirik pa rin ang araw sa labas. Aún no quiero salir afuera porque hace calor insuportable. Pero tengo que estudiar más español porque tendrémos la prueba la proxima semana. La verdad es que ahora estoy con nervios aunque yo sé que hablo español bastante. Como una persona que quiere aprender más idiomas.

A ver, voy a salir ahora. ¡Adios amigos! ¡Hasta luego!

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