Wednesday, 28 November 2007

NCM 102 Amour

What a weak EARTHQUAKE of yesterday!!! Anyway, it has been more than two weeks ago since my classes for this semester started. I may say that I'm certain of what I will be in class. Perhaps, I have changed a bit in terms of my personality.

As the saying goes: HAGGARDNESS is next to UGLINESS. Hello... I'm too young to look old!!! But at least, I have early remedies for that. Since I am certain that this semester will be happy and fruitful semester, let me share to you some things that make me happy...

Guess what? There are a lot of good people in our Lecture Class (by the way, NCM 102 has 2 divisions: Related Learning Experience and Lecture... RLE is composed of Skills Laboratory, Community Duty, and Hospital Duty; Lecture is composed of Obstetrician Nursing, Operating Room Nursing, Community Care, and Medical-Surgical Nursing)!!! In our Lecture Class, we are composed of 2 sections: IRREGULAR 14 and IRREGULAR 16 (which is my section). What really makes me happy is that many people from both sections are kind and friendly, enough for me to mingle with them. Indeed, this is an inspiring experience, and it's good enough for me to have a drive to study more.

Perhaps, this is the start of my sharing regarding my experience in my schooling...

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