Saturday, 22 November 2008

Winter Breeze

Good evening! And hello to the fellow readers of this blog of mine. Thanks for dropping by.

Tomorrow will be my departure for Batangas Provincial Hospital. And I don't know what will be the event by the time I will be there.

Ahm, nice to feel the scent of winter breeze. Hence, Christmas 2008 is fast approaching. And life's challenges on me is getting surprising yet strengthening. But guess what? Experience is really the best teacher.


I firmly believe that there are certain reasons why do some things happen, regardless that it has good or bad effect on me.

Thanks to those who still believe in me, regardless of who and what I am. You guys know who you are!

And those who feel something bad about me, I feel sorry for you. Why not try to LOOK AND REFLECT FIRST ON YOUR OWN WRONGDOINGS AND FOOLISHNESS? Anyway, I don't the power to control your minds and emotions. So be it then.

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