Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Laklakan before Christmas

Good evening!

I’m just having a drinking session with my former groupmates in NCM 105 RLE. And I’m somewhat tipsy as of now. Man, I don’t know if I could go home safely afterwards.
But guess what? I’m still happy regardless of the everyday stress and challenges. Somehow, there are still some people who still make me strong to face the everyday burden and hardships. Of course, I would like to thank God for the strength and endurance.

As Christmas approaches so fast, all I have to do is to be humble and good. And I have to forgive people who sinned against me. After all, they still became part of my life. Quite lucky I am because there are still a lot of people who accept and appreciate me as what I am.

The cool winter breeze is caressing my face, and I can feel that the year 2008 is about to come to its end few days from now. Another new year and another sort of challenges and trials that I should face and overcome, and I should prepare myself for those matters.

How I wish, I’ll be better as soon as the New Year comes. I guess there are some things that I should fix on my own. Hence, I should plan as soon as I go home.
May God bless me and my family for eternity, AMEN.

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