Wednesday, 28 January 2009

ESPS Teachers' Day

Good day!

I'm here right now at Espiritu Santo Parochial School Library.

Gosh, I miss my second alma mater a lot! That's why I'm here. Actually, I was here yesterday. And a lot of things have changed since I left this former school of mine.

As I stay here more long, some past memories of mine about my stay in this school were flashing back in my mind.

I could still remember my very first day in this school as a First Year (Freshman) student. Talagang nangangapa-ngapa ako nun. But as I went along with my new environment, I realised that it was different yet exciting.

Each day, the spirit of being an Espian is molding me into a different human being. I learned how to become courageous, wise, and compassionate. Truly, I may say that ONCE AN ESPIAN, ALWAYS AN ESPIAN.

Until the day I graduated, I have earned countless memories from this alma mater. To become a real and genuine Espian, one must be a man of courage, wisdom, and compassion.

If ever I was not an Espian, what would I be right now?

Anyway, I would like to thank the people of Espiritu Santo Parochial School who helped me mold as who I am right now. Along with Saint Gabriel Academy, my deepest gratitude will be with you.

Today is Teachers' Day. Whom should I thank now?
1. Mrs. Josephine Aseo (I - Perseverance, 2000-2001)
2. Ms. Rhoda Maximo (II - Our Lady of Fatima, 2001-2002)
3. Ms. Korina Eleda (III - Saint Ignatius of Loyola, 2002-2003)
4. Mr. Dexter Edrosa (IV - Saint Martin de Porrea, 2003-2004)

The teachers are quite busy right now. Guess what? Some of the Espian teaching and non-teaching staff were playing volleyball lately. And I got a chance to see Ms. Isabel de Leon (my former P.E. 4 teacher and varsity coach in volleyball), Mrs. Maria Mercedes Pascual (my former Mathematics 1 teacher), and others playing volleybal in the quadrangle. Oh, how I miss the moments being a volleyball player of our school! But sad to say, my skills in playing volleyball is not anymore good.

Well, I'm so happy that I'm here again in my alma mater... ESPIRITU SANTO PAROCHIAL SCHOOL!

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