Friday, 22 May 2009


Good evening!

Guess what? Kapamilya and Kapuso stars were at the Oreta Sports Complex. And I was again with my ever kuya, Joross Gamboa! For almost 4 years that we haven't seen each other, he had still recognised me! Plus, I had met his latest girlfriend, Katz Saga.

For years that I have been acquainted with Kuya Joross, I noticed that he somewhat changed, in terms of his wacky personality. What I mean, he's kind of mature now. He is not anymore like sort of childish as he was before. But for me, he is still one of my best kuyas ever. Go for it dude!

Speaking of Katz, she's from California. She's cool and fun, indeed. And we also got acquainted with Princess Miller. We've had fun time talking with each other.

Speaking of the game, it started with the prestigious entry of our mayor, Honourable Canuto Oreta. Let me think, I saw Derek, Jong, Jay-R, JC de Vera, Jose Manalo, Carlo Aquino, Mark Anthony Fernandez, and others. And the winners are...


It was really fun. How I wish I'll be with Katz and Kuya Joross again. That's it for now. GRAZIE E CIAO!

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