Friday, 15 May 2009

Mundane Reality

Good evening!

I would like to thank God for His endless and countless blessings. No doubt that the Lord steadfastly loves me despite the fact that I'm stubborn and mischievous. If the people around me know that I would really like to change for the better. After all, the salvation and redemption of our Lord is at my reach.

Anyway, my mundane existence is the greatest mystery of my life. No person in this universe know why I exist. Of course, it's just the same with all the living creatures. Above all, HOMOS SUM. I am human. It's easy to say that I am human, yet it's hard to be human. It really takes a lot of good deeds for you to become a real human by heart and mind. But it takes only one mistake for the people to pinpoint you. Only a very small mistake could be a big catastrophe, especially when people have countless prejudgements against you.

In this world, we all know that humans and all other living creatures are subjected to love and to be loved. Yet, it's better to give and receive at the same time. But for me, TO GIVE LOVE IS MY HAPPINESS. Of course, one can not, or even, never please everyone despite the sacrifices and sufferings that one is going through. As for me, I feel rejected for most of the times. Yet, I am still grateful there are still a lot of people who accept and appreciate me.

Yep, this is life. I really love this kind of life. CARPE DIEM!

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