Sunday, 2 August 2009

Afeto Infantil VS Amor Verdadeiro

Good morning!

It's my second week as a working student. I admit, it's kindda hard, but I somehow have managed to handle such kind of stress. After all, I enjoy it, and I I am very passionate of the work that I have now!


It's something that confuses me a lot. It even makes me insomniac at certain nights. But guess what? I had been in love for so many times. And even some of such situations started as an infatuation which turned magically turned into true love. Nevertheless, I have been hurt for countless times. Until now, there are certain memories that continue to linger on.

Now, let me share to you this kind of common yet queer feeling. I had been in that kind feeling after all.

There is this person who had caught my attention for no exact reason. I admit, that significant other of mine has looks and charm. But there is really something with that person that made me feel queer. As moments pass by, this strange feeling of mine becomes bigger and bigger, though that significant other is not my close friend and. Sad to say, I still haven't had bonding moments with that person. But then, I'm still hoping that we will eventually become friends.

That "SIGNIFICANT OTHER" of mine is:
1. quiet
2. mysterious
3. unpredictable

Here I go again... getting crazier and crazier than ever! And what's my real point? I'm terribly caught in the middle of "infatuation" and "true amour".

Anyway, it only proves that I've got a silly heart and mind. And that's what I am!

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