Monday, 5 October 2009

Mess after 2 Enormous Storms

I don't know whether I should consider this as a "Good Day". I know that I'm done with all of my academic tasks at Our Lady of Fatima University, but the question is: Am I going to have the very rare moment at the Philippine International Convention Center for the Graduation Ceremony? I'm in trouble, really.

After Ondoy and Pepeng's onslaught in the Philippines, classes throughout Metro Manila and other adjacent areas were under 1-week suspension. By the way, I feel sorry for those people who lost their properties and even their loved ones. Thank God because my mother and I are both safe.

Lately, I went to Espiritu Santo Parochial School to obtain my Form 137. Stupid me, I should have made this sort of hace caso before. Much to my surprise, the lady inside the Administrators' office told me that I'll have my form by this oming Friday! OH MY GOSH! I couldn't even tell someone that I was assuming before that I'll not graduate for this semester because I failed my first TCAP exams and took the 1st removals. Luckily, I passed the removal exams! By the time I saw my standing on the removals, I was steadfastly talking to myself saying "Thank you Bro" with the smile on my face.

Back to the story, I just arrived here in Fatima last 30 minutes ago. As soon as I saw the notification sign at the window of the Nursing Extension Office with "DEADLINE OF SUBMISSION OF REQUIREMENTS IS ON OCTOBER 1", I was totally shocked and speechless. At first, I felt hopeless. But then, my mom will be my last hope for my possible graduation candidature.

And now, all I am doing now is browsing others' blogs, and of course, blogging! I don't want to lose hope but It really seems like I'm not eligible for graduation candidature due to my current problems now. By the way, thanks to this person who has been making me inspired ever since my early and middle teenage life.

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