Friday, 9 October 2009

Samu't sari

Good day!

Once again, I’m here at Espiritu Santo Parochial School. It’s just a sort of remembering my past memories here in my former school. Guess what? Well, there are a lot of changes here, including the bonggacious embellishment of the over-all campus and some faculties members who are very new in my sight.

Anyway, I have accomplished my Form-137 to furnish my requirement at the Our Lady of Fatima University. Sad to say, I will not be at the Philippine International Convention Center for the Commencement Exercises. Anyway, I can have that matter by March 2010. But considerably, I am now an official graduate student of OLFU. But I’m not going to take board exams. Maybe I’ll take it by June 2010.

Speaking of my present life, I’m still planning of going back to my previous call centre way back 2 years. After all, communicating with other people is one of my passions in life. Imagine, I was trained there how to speak English in Canadian manner. Plus, it’s a superb company to work into!

Speaking of 7-Year secret, it had come into a simple yet colossal revelation. Silly me, my aroused curiosity ruin me in that instant! How am I supposed to talk with that person if the revelation had blasted off from the depths of my mind?

Speaking of the “SMILE”… that matter makes me happy day by day. I’m so grateful that I now have that person as my friends. No wonder, “SMILE” can cheer up one’s hearts, and I’m one of them who cheered me up. I wonder if I am that obvious? Anyway, all I have to do for now is to cheer up because TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY!

Impeding challenges in life? That’s life. Guess, I have to move on and be strong.


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