Monday, 22 March 2010

Childhood in Adulthood

Good afternoon!

At last, I'll have my graduation ceremony for tomorrow! Applause for me! For almost six years that I had been stocked in a highly-respected university, I will then face my ultimate triumph from my hardships, trials, and challenges! Thank you God!

Last night, I had mini chat with my idol from Europe. Actually it was my first time to see him online, though he usually goes offline on Facebook though he is technically online. Perhaps he was busy chatting with other people, that's why we never had much time chatting with other. The mere fact that I would like to interact with him using a Germanic language, it wasn't that easy for me to express myself in that highly inflected Germanic language compare to English which is spoken here in the Philippines.

By the way, his friend, I think, has just arrived here in Manila. How I wish, I'll see that person.

This dawn, I was with my childhood friends playing childhood games. And guess what? It was really fun playing those past-time games. Despite of my 22-year age, I could still feel to myself that I am still within the realms of childhood (though I am technically adult). And the best thing is that I am 100% young, single, and virgin! And I'm so proud to be it! At least, I'm just making myself busy yet happy until the time comes that I should really face the essence of adulthood.


I love those childhood games ever!

Through this, I would like to thank my friends who were with me this dawn! Kudos to all of us!

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