Friday, 17 December 2010

Weak Yuletide Spirit

Magandang Madaling Araw!

Guess I'll be celebrating the first few hours of Christmas 2010 here in our call centre company with my colleagues. It will also be my first to have Noche Buena in our company as well. After all, I'm a call centre agent working on graveyard shift. But you know what? My steadfast gratitude to our Creator will never cease as long as my soul exists. And the reason? I'm filled with His perpetual blessings that no other super being could ever do.

As for now, I missed the first Misa de Gallo. And by the way, Misa de Gallo is the tradition of the Filipino Catholics that starts on the dawn of December 16 and ends on the evening of December 24. Since my night-offs are every Friday and Saturday, I still have the chance to attend at least two Misa de Gallos. After all, a faithful member of Roman Catholic Church like me should give praise and thanks to the Omnipotent One through attending the Misa de Gallo.

Honestly speaking, I can't feel the spirit of Christmas. Perhaps, I've been busy in my work for long and I never had a chance to pamper myself. But course, people are still happy despite of the current political and socio-economic status of the Philippines. Ganun kasi ang isang tipikal na Pilipino eh. Kaya nga pinipilit ko ring magpakasaya.

In fact, I asked my mom not to install the Christmas lights anymore since there's an increase in the electricity fee. And besides, lilipas din ang Pasko kahit na walang dekorasyon sa bahay namin. Pero napagtanto ko ring kailangan ding papasukin ang diwa ng Pasko sa aming bahay para man lang maging masaya. I could still remember that I used to be excited whenever Christmas arrives. But now that I'm in the stage of young adulthood, it's like I can't go with the the flow anymore, especially in this Yuletide Season.

Perhaps, I almost have let go of my childhood because of my exposure to my career as a call centre agent. At ayun nga, halos wala na akong balita sa mga pangyayari dahil sabak ako sa trabaho ng gabi at tulog-diwa naman ako sa araw. It's kinda hard, isn't it?

Anyway, I have to get back to work. Baka masita pa ako nito, hahaha. To all of the readers of my blog, THANK YOU and MERRY CHRISTMAS! Keep on following blog! At sa pangkat AZKALS, GOOD LUCK! Kaya niyo yan! Kayo pa, eh mga Pilipino kayo! Ü

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