Thursday, 11 February 2010

Tsubasa's Valentine Trivia

Good evening!

Do you know what "Tsubasa" is? "Tsubasa" is a Japanese word which means "wings". It can also be the name of a person.

Speaking of Tsubasa, I'm going to share you some trivia. It's about love, since Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Note that the persons involved to Tsubasa are aliased according to the significance of those things or other matters.

This person is addicted to computer gaming and other technological stuff. This person is also good in playing basketball. Nevertheless, this person does not usually go with other people.

This person is of Iberian origin but doesn't even speak either Spanish or Portuguese, for this person grew in an Asian country. This person is currently a prominent librarian of a famous university located at the northern part of a county.

Indeed, this person is a volleyball freak. This person of Indo-European descent, but can only speak one Indo-European language, which is English. Currently, this person is a professor of a formidable school located at the northwestern part of county.

This person serves as a registrar of a university located at the northwestern part of a county. The smiles, looks, charms, and brains of this person are the apparent assets. However, the extreme kindness of this person has become a drawback from other people.

An enthusiastic rock musician, this person is one of the best guitarists in their vicinity. This person has a fantastic voice that fills one's day complete.

This person was once a varsity player of tennis in a formidable school. But due to some inevitable matters, the urge of playing tennis has then ceased.

Sino-Tibetan in origin, this person graduated from a highly-respected course. But the cold personality of this person made other people turn off. Current activities are unknown.

This person is sure hit in basketball league. The enthusiasm of this person in basketball has made this person a hit heartthrob in some formidable schools around a county.

This person is currently unemployed due to the proximity of this person's home to the highly-industrialised county.

This person is not only good in pocket gaming but also in basketball. This person may not have looks but this person's character has took many breaths away.

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