Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Krung Krung's Photo

Good afternoon!

The above image is Sandara Park when she was still here in the Philippines. Puwede bang mag-Tagalog? Dinudugo na rin kasi ang ilong ko eh!

Natagpuan ko nga pala yung picture ni Krung Krung sa isa sa Friendster ko. I could still remember when I borrowed my friend's photo to take a shot of hers. And I could still remember the times when I used to stay inside actors and actresses' dressing rooms. Sayang, I only had a little time na ka-bonding si Sandara. And now that she's in South Korea, there is now a very little chance for us to have some bonding moments.

Miss ko na rin yung pagka-krung krung niya. At least, it's certain that she gained much success in Korea as well as in other Asian countries. Pero siyempre, alam kong sa puso niya, PILIPINA pa rin siya. Eh biro ba naman, bihasa pa rin siyang mag-Tagalog.

Oh well, that's it for now.

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