Friday, 18 November 2011

Bothered by TEYR's Entries

Here's Kai Samezu (鮫津 海) from Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger (百獣戦隊ガオレンジャー), one of my favourite Super Sentai Series (though it wasn't aired here in the Philippines due to airing of Power Rangers Wild Force, its North American counterpart). But I'm not going to talk about Kai!

I was really bothered by Teyr's entry about his doppelgänger experience. I don't really know why. Now let me share you something about Teyr. He was my schoolmate during my High School period. Although we never became close friends due to our year level differences, we have known each other by our names because he's the son of my Social Studies Professor while I am known by his batchmates, especially by some of his best buddies whom are well acquainted with me. I could say that I somewhat envy him because he can do sports hard while studying harder. Before, I used to see him doing his assignments either at the library or at the quadrangle every breaks or while waiting for his mom after class dismissal.

I have heard some news from my friends about doppelgänger incidents. One example is a Filipina-Japanese student of a well-known university in CAMANAVA area, whose other being was seen by her classmates and schoolmate walking at the stage while the stage play was going on but it wasn't her role yet since she was fixing herself with her significant other inside a dressing room.

I don't know if I have to reveal this matter through here, but I believe that I have seen Teyr's other being at the MRT few days ago! It was like 6:30 PM and I'm bound to my workplace. We were both standing and he was like a couple of inches away from me. I was about to call him but he stared at me like he's on rage! And what's more astonishing? I was alighting from MRT when his "other being" suddenly vanished like a bubble! I don't want to assume that it was his "doppelgänger" but it was really weird!

All I can do is to pray for all those who were victimised by their doppelgängers. I bet, it's only a matter of strong faith to our ever Omnipotent Creator.

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