Wednesday, 9 November 2011


저는 필리핀 사람입니다.

Indeed, I am a Filipino citizen born in the Philippine Islands under the government of the Republic of the Philippines. But behind my Philippine identity is a deep desire of the peaceful Korean reunification. In my heart, I can feel that a part of me is an ethnic Korean longing for One Korea. For those who are familiar with my facial features, it is clear that I am of Asian ancestry, though I am also of European heritage.

Hallyu is everywhere. It has spread in many parts of Asia. And it’s now invading Europe and the Americas. I, myself, am hooked by the phenomenal Korean wave. K-pop is the most influential component of Hallyu in me. BoA, SE7EN, Rain, Super Junior, BIGBANG, Girls’ Generation, and 2NE1 are some of my favourite singers to mention. Now let me tell you this. During the advent of Hallyu in the Philippines, I already have an idea that BoA is creating her fame in Japan. In fact, I have listened to her first Japanese single “Listen to my Heart” on my friend’s Discman. And at that moment, BoA became my first favourite Korean singer. Since then, I started to acquire some knowledge about Korean language. I started to study Hangeul on my own. And there went the song “Answer the Phone” by Miina. Through that song, it was the start of Korean wave in our country. It was then followed by different Korean dramas that had surpassed Taiwanese and Mexican dramas on Philippine television. By the way, Lee Dong Wook, Kim Tae Hee, Kwon Sang Woo, Choi Ji Woo, and Bae Yong Joon, and Kim Rae Won are my favourite Korean actors and actresses! And as of this moment, I am enjoying songs sung by Korean artists – including my favourite artists of course!

Until such time, I have penetrated my Korean-influenced mind into the realms of North Korea. After all, North Korea will always be “Korea”, despite the fact that they call Korea “Choson”. Now this will be the real start of incorporating the true content of this blog entry. Indeed it’s now behind my interest about Korean culture.

But before I continue with my blogging, let me share you that I personally call Korean Peninsula “Goryeo Bando” or “Koryo Pando” (고려반도 - 高麗半島) with 3 reasons: the word “Korea” came from “Koryo” (one of the first dynasties in the Korean peninsula), to gain possible acceptance to all Koreans in the future, and to suggest the name “Goryeo” for the possible newly reunified nation of Korea. Kim Il Sung had suggested a federation that would be called “Democratic Confederal Republic of Korea” (고려민주연방공화국 -高麗民主聯邦共和國) for combined North and South Korea, in which their initial political states would initially remain. But still, it will be up to Koreans on how they will name Korea on their own.

To continue, I have been reading articles about the progress of Hallyu in North Korea. There was this article I read wherein a North Korean called South Korea “Han’guk” instead of “Namchoson”, the traditional calling of North Koreans to South Korea which literally means “South Joseon” (since North Koreans call Korea “Choson” whereas in south “Han’guk” in accordance of the respective names of Korea in those regions). Products from South Korea such as clothes, toothpaste, soap, and even USB sticks are smuggled into North Korea via China. And speaking of USB sticks, South Korean music, movies, and even TV series are saved in USBs. Hence, the young North Koreans are the potential proponents of Hallyu in the communist nation.

We cannot deny the fact that many of the North Koreans pretend to be unconditionally loyal to their Eternal President Kim Il Sung. Yet behind those pretentious acts hide the fact that they long freedom as it is in their fellow South Korean neighbour. It’s like they’re encaged in a prison without bars. That’s why there are a lot of North Korean defectors enjoying their current lives in South Korea. Good thing that South Korea has the policy of adopting defectors from North.
And speaking more about the flourishing things from South Korea, there’s this thing called “piracy” that plays a major role in the penetration of Hallyu. It may be negative by technical means, but there’s no sure way of direct importing of original South Korean stuff in North Korea. Otherwise, their lives will surely be at stake. That’s how cruel their regimen is. I don’t what’s with Kim Jong Il’s mind and he can’t accept the fact that the people within his nation are craving for so much freedom – freedom to happiness and carefree. It’s evident to South Korean dramas that people there are just enjoying the gift of life with no restrictions and fear.

Anyway, I strongly believe that Korean reunification is at hand. With the news about the slow deterioration of Kim Jong Il’s health, many North Koreans are hoping to be reunited with their fellow Koreans in south. And with the help of Hallyu to cushion the future reunification, every barrier between the two Koreas will be a sure shatter. May Saint Andrew Kim Dae Geon and all saints of Korea pray for peace and stability in the whole Korean peninsula. From Baekdusan to Jeju-do… KOREA IS ONE!

하지만, 저는 필리핀 사람입니다. ;)

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