Monday, 2 November 2009

After Halloween

Good morning! It's time to rise up and shine!

Well, only 8 days left before my 22nd birthday! Geez, I'm getting old already! But guess what? My teen image doesn't yet fade away! And I'm so happy that I still look young!

Anyway, it's been a while after I graduated from Our Lady of Fatima University. That's a good one on me. It's also good that I have earned the degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing. And so my name now is JEREMY PANGILINAN ROMERO, BSN. But I'm not gonna take the nursing licensure exams this coming November 29 and 30. After all, I'm not yet ready to the very strenuous exams. And don't even know if I can enroll another course this coming second semester.

Aahh, umiihip na ang amihan. But it's kindda hot during daytime. Hence, this is the effect of global warming. It's also threatening in my mind. And is it true that the world's doomsday is on DECEMBER 21, 2012? Even the Mayans had predicted this sort of phenomenon. In any case, I should be prepared about it.

Presidential elections is fast approaching. But I haven't registered myself at the Commission on Elections. And the reason? I still don't want to talk about it, though the fate of my country lies in my hands, as well as in others' hands. But I'm sure that the Omnipotent One will never forsake our country. After all, the Philippines is considered as "El Pueblo Amante de Maria".

Anyway, this is for now. And I'll some more during my birthday. CIAO!

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