Thursday, 5 November 2009

J-Musicians over K-Musicians

Good day! Gosh, this place where I am right now is so damn cold!

Guess today is my idol's birthday, BoA! 생일 축하합니다!

And tomorrow will be Lee Dong Wook's Birthday. Look at oppa, he is still looking young.

Speaking of K-Musicians, there are some singers who have released singles and albums in Japanese. It is quite evident that Koreans are capable of learning Japanese. The reason? It is thought that Japanese and Korean are related to each other due to the similarities of their sentence structure - subject-object-verb pattern. Plus, they are both agglutinative. But how come there are even some who have released singles or albums in English? Some of the best examples who have English singles and albums are BoA, Se7en, and Rain.

Speaking of J-Musicians, no pure Japanese has ever released any single or album in Korean (but I'm not kind of sure). Is it because they find it hard in speaking Korean? Or they are not interested because they know that Japanese is enough to be better? So, would it be fair if any Japanese singer will release at least 5 Korean singles?

Anyway, I have just created an unofficial Korean flag. Though it's not official, I hope that the two Koreas will become united once more.

DISCLAIMER: The elements being used in this UNOFFICIAL KOREAN FLAG can be found on Wikimedia. And again, THIS IS NOT THE OFFICIAL KOREAN FLAG.

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