Sunday, 27 December 2009

LHC Christmas Party 2009 and Bulacan Visit

Good evening!

Ahahay, I haven't had yet any sort of rest. I just arrived back from my other necessities.

Tonight was the Christmas Party of my choir group, Living Hope Chorale. I must say, it was my first to attend their party. It was also the 27th anniversary of my choir group. We spent almost the whole night with my co-members. And I was terribly drunk, though I managed to get along with them.

After the party, I went to a computer shop to check for any alerts and requests on my Friendster and Facebook accounts. I also made some plurks too. Afterwards, I saw my two co-members in front of a convenience store buying some food stuff for the continuation of their drinking session in my other co-member's house. And then I stayed there for awhile until the sun has almost risen from the Philippines' horizon.

I went back home to rest for some few hours. I wasn't that sleepy anymore because the sun's rays are striking my poor, swollen eyes. So I decided to cleanse myself and clothe to go to my relatives' houses in Bulacan.

On my trip, I was thinking a lot of things. I first thought of my brother who did a lot of astonishing things. Indeed, he's kindda mature enough to handle such matters. And he already knows what's right and what's wrong. You know, I sometimes envy my brother who acts more mature than me. After all, my childish personality in me continues to linger on. But I can't help it but to be happy of my childish personality.

As soon as arrived in Sapang Palay, I first met my grandfather who was walking along that place. And it seemed that he's up to something - not really bad. And then I saw my aunt with her kids which happens to be my cousins. As I was eating in the dining room, my grandmother arrived and she hugged me so tightly as if we haven't met for very long. And then she started talking about family matters, which didn't make me astonished for I know almost everything.

Afterwards, I headed towards the house of my another aunt. Inside their house, we also talked about some matters. By the way, his husband is already working abroad.

And then I roamed around that place. As soon as I saw my cousin's house, I went there to greet him. It's good for him that he will be graduating by next year. And then he will also take the nursing board exams. In my case... I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT!

After some moments, I bid my relatives goodbye. At least, I knew the place where I supposed to go - mama's house.

As I arrived in mama's place, it was a bit hard for me to locate her house. But it wasn't that long when I arrived at their place. I first saw a girl who was cuddling my youngest brother. She was the "kinakapatid" of my sister. Inside, I saw my sister, who was madly shocked at my appearance, and her boyfriend, who was with her since early morning. They've been lovers since high school. And I'm glad that their relationship as lovers is strong.

My expression about my sister's boyfriend? Mysterious. Yep, his boyfriend is still a mystery. Perhaps, he was just shy at me because it was our first time to meet.

In mama's house, we were watching a funny Philippine movie. Now let me give you a clue... it's about twins being starred by a comedienne. Got it? Few moments later, mama just got home. And when she saw me, she was also madly shocked, and she was puzzled on how I got into their place. I just told them that my human instinct lead me to their place. And then I had some bonding moments with my mom.

It was almost late at night when I left mama's house. I must admit, I want to know her, and I want to be with her even for a month. Though she didn't take care of me before, I also love her like how I love my mommy who has been taking care of me for almost 22 years.

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